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Disclaimer: This review made by an idle games enjoyer, so my rating will be higher than other reviewers.

Graphics: Great character design, the only idle game that I know have better character design is Memento Mori. My only complain is that even with high graphics, stages details still look pixelated.

Sound: Great theme songs and BGM. I usually play with headphones to enjoy it.

Gameplay: Has more gameplay than many other idle games. You can do manual aim, take cover, and burst. Meanwhile many other idle games just auto battle that sometimes you tap units avatar for activating skills.

Storyline: Honestly I skip everything. But, at least I read some screenshots that got sent by community. It's not cringe and somewhat dark.

Value: The only pack that valuable on cash shop is monthly. Other than that you don't buy it unless you whale.

So far I enjoy it. I understand that idle games are not for everyone. Just don't try it if you really don't enjoy idle games. For idle games enjoyer who play games like AFK Arena, Figure Fantasy, or Memento Mori, it's worth a try for one or two days. See if it suits your taste or not.

The game itself is fine..

But the server really unstable, disconnect much..
The game doesn't have bind to google or other third party services, you can only bind by generating transfer code.. Which make it bad, because I want to play with the same account on two phones..
When I enter transfer code on my other phone, my account on the first phone got deleted.. They force you to play with only one phone.. It become worse because this game drain battery fast..

World Flipper | Japanese


The gameplay is fun for my taste..
Art is good.. Sound pleasant to my ear..
gacha rate really bad.. Or is it just my luck..

Alice Closet | Japanese


Overall, the game is fun.. It doesn't take much of my time to play, easy to understand gameplay, and it doesn't stress me because I only need to collect cute clothes that I like, not like some other games that tell me to collect god tier charas..

Graphic/art is good, clothes design some are meh but many of it are gorgeous..

Voice acting not so good but not too terrible either..

Gacha, in my opinion, is fair enough.. One guaranteed 5-star clothe per ten pulls make me happy enough.. 5-star rate is high enough.. I got, in average, 3-4 5-star clothes per ten pulls..

Some of the clothes are gacha only, but some of them you can exchange with gacha coin.. You get 5 gacha coins per one pull.. You then can use this coin to complete your clothes set..

Note: Sorry if there's any grammar mistake..

This is game is good, but you need JP play store and non-root phone to play.. What a pain in the ass..

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Meh Can't play if your phone rooted. Read Note
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