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War Thunder Mobile


less grind less tanks/ships. gameplay is the same except for the plane. since there's further tutorial (only the first match), many newb just go rush and destroy themselves. graphics is meh, Don't expect it like grid whre the graphics almost 1:1. the sound is terrible, I cant'thear anything except the explosion.

#COMPASS Live Arena


GROOVE COASTER WAI WAI PARTY!!!! but its's android version looks like



another rhythm game using unique mechanic. perfect for thumb player. its's little bit hard for tab player but still possible. the game is still new so don't expect to have very large songpick like other have.

Hanafuda Koi-koi Dojo


the best hanafuda game for foreigners (IMO) the tutorial, rules, and card's pair are clear for someone who want to learn hanafuda while playing.
the RNG makes singleplay so easy with how easy to gather strong pairs, if you want to learn the hard way I suggest play multiplay



the only thing I often use in this app are check-in and enhancement progression. the community is too cringe to see.

Idoly Pride | English


uma musume but only dance and sing part

Super Mecha Champions


there's too many bot even in high rank match, character and mecha have their speciality so make sure to check their ability when unlocking because it really long time to grind for just unlocking one character as a f2p. if you willing to spend a bit for unlocking character and mecha, buy them when it new for cheapest option

flick note always ruin my fc, I've never got this on another rhythm game. maybe it's just me but the flick note kinda bugged for me, sometimes it registered as flick and sometimes it doesn't

HoneyWorks Premium Live


came for homeyworks song, the gameplay is not different with other rhythm game so I think anyone who played rhythm will adapt to it fast. as honeyworks fan u might be love the mv playing in background which is always distract me while I played the chart but i don't bother it because love to see it

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English


ななひら collab when?

came for classic song



the best place to search a fanmade and original character picture. the rating should be changed to 20+!

N0va Desktop


less superior than PC version. the wallpaper sometimes stop working (back to default wallpaper) unless you open the app again to wake lumi up.



you need to change payment region to buy sound pack. thank you japan for adding my favorite v.a. to navi app

World of Tanks Blitz MMO


dead game, thank you.

not my tipical game but well, it was a good game :)

Brown Dust | Global


you need to pay much if you want competitive well on this game. I'm f2p and competitive very hard against player if you didn't play just for 1 day to grind and it's too hard to play on adventure mode [不滿]

still the best ARPG 2020, it had awesome story
Next project from Mihoyo: GENKAI IMPACT

Genshin Impact


A simple RPG with deep story. Have a really great soundtracks and graphics, you will enjoy beautiful world. different from honkai that have change to mp competition, genshin still remember its roots and design it around single player rpg. unfortunately qooapp community ruined it with account trade or something like that, make this game look like created just for OP meta. that's really annoying tbh

edit: 2 years later
I have retired this game 2 times and still comeback. so the reason why I retired is I rushed the story too much and using guide which make the gameplay faster. usually I need couple weeks to 100% exploration (hour gameplay/1-3 days) but with using interaction map it become half hour game (yup you know it, I don't waste time to appreciate the scenery genshin give when using guide).

advice from me who have played this since launch, don't rush the story. just enjoy the conversation around traveler and don't use the guide from internet unless you haven't solve that single puzzle for days (because either it too hard or you just dumb).

I usually play only traveler (or teaming with character that involved in the quest, just like trial character) when play through story quest and archon quest which it make extra challenging and fresh, I recommend you to get out from your strongest party and do grind other character, stop doing meta party thing. I found it kinda bored if you always play on meta play (and flustered too when I don't get what I expect). I know you want cleared anything as fast as possible but I dont think it healthy in gameplay side unless you're speedrunner or someone who love to flex on how fast you kiled enemies.

I repeat it again, don't rush anything in this game, exploration, character building, story, serenitea pot construction, fishing, event, anything. unless you're a content creator it's fine because they need to entertain people but as regular customer you don't need to follow it.

p.s sorry for the mess English, I'm not native speaker.

I gave up this game because SAO IF and genshin impact...... too many short time event here and I can't rush it :) this game is recommended for hardcore players who spent most of their time online in game

gacha character banner is easier to get than gacha weapon banner

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