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Newbie Life : Idle RPG


was going really well then i was forced to watch an ad to complete the next part of main quest



Its a pretty simple idle/clicker/incrimental game. Very cute and charming. Lots of little things to keep you from burning out like cooking and dressing up your wizzes. You will HAVE to watch ads or pay mtx to advance eventually though, which is annoying. No option to be f2p and ad free. Thankfully the ads are still optional when you want to view them (so for example, once you run out of ad tickets and get a mission to do fountain show, you can wait until you want to start the show and ad. No ads forced on you suddenly). If you cram in optional ads, you will be watching one every 5 minutes or so. But i ignore most ads and just do the free gacha ads now and then when I run out of other things to do in the game, so I watch 3 ads in a row every 20 minutes or so while I do other things away from the phone. You are rewarded for watching ads in general, watch one for whatever reason and you get an additional ad point. Save up these to buy premium currency, ad skip tickets, or even premium gacha pulls.

There are 3 gacha: Wiz gacha which gets you items to dress up your little creatures, Whale gacha which gets you items to place on your whale's blowhole, and Pet gacha which can win you little pets for your Wizzes.

Basic gameplay will be leveling up your ammenities which auto produce gold for you. Then you hatch and raise Wiz creatures to auto produce hearts for you. You then use gold and hearts to level them up more. When youre not leveling up and hatching, you can decorate, dress up, feed pets, feed the whale, pet the whale, clean the whale, poke the blowhole for hearts and gold, take pictures of whale and Wizzes, and open clams that randomly appear. Oh and collect ingredients and cook. And probably more I havent doscovered yet (I am only whale level 7).

Missions keep you on track to leveling up and you MUST do them to level up your whale (which is basically like a player level) as this is the only way to get the water droplets. Sadly sometimes these will require you to watch an ad but it is very rare... I have been playing all afternoon into the late evening and I would say the game only forced me to watch 2 or 3 ads total to continue.

If you absolutely hate ads you can buy ad skip tickets for real money. i think it is like $3 to skip the next 50 ads, maybe cheaper overall if you buy more at once.

There are limited costumes you can only get through mtx. And a single wiz costume is like $5... it also comes with gems (premium currency) so youre basically buying a gem pack but still $5 for a costume is steep. But I really want that bee costume... hahaha.

There are also other packs you can buy that contain skip tickets and stuff. And then limited time packs and stuff... as expected from freemium games.

And of course there are offline earnings, and as you level up your whale you will be able to increase the amount of time you can spend offline before being limited.

In the time you spent reading all this you probably could have figured out all this on your own by downloading the game, but if you want to know the opinion of someone 5+ hours in hardly using ads and no mtx, I can say its pretty worth the time sink if you like the aesthetic. Only thing I am worried about is the game will probably slow to a crawl soon, as all these games do, and I will just be logging in now and then to click a few things and quit. At least I feel like I am making progress clicking clams and tending to my Wiz needs (as it increases their heart level, something you can only increase while actively playing).

Anyway just go try out the game. It seems pretty quality for a free idle game.


Dragon Quest Champions


Really fun game. Servers are having some difficulty though, hopefully they get it all sorted out soon.



Very cute and fun, encouraged me to take some short walks. got me out in the garden trying to dig in different types of terrain. its a battery hog and phone killer though. drains about 1% a minute on my Galaxy S23 Ultra. and it gets hot too. must be poorly optimized.

great game, but might not hold up to other games of the same style as they have all kinds of new features like 3d models and virtual concerts and stuff. this is just sometimes a portrait pops up. but if you love love live you will like it. boasts more than 500 songs and of course the characters and story are great.

Cute little time waster. You constantly have to babysit it so it feels like youre always progressing. But you can just pull it out when you are bored. Theres a banner ad at the top that you can pay to remove, Then optional ads for weak boosters that arent reallly necessary, except you unlock some cats by watching so many ads from different boxes so you gotta watch em if yiuwant to collect everything sadly. IAP seem just there to speed things up, though you may actually require IAP down the road to finish everything. Worth playing if you just need to kill time. Not worth it if youre wanting to invest in a deep app.

cute and easy to play idle clicker game. progress slows after a while but still fun to check in on. plays in English. ads dont work for me.

Game is not bad but pretty simple. No dailies or login bonus or anything so you can play at your own pace. Buying the premium rod removes some ads but not all. The optional ones are still there and you pretty much need to do them to get the best scores sadly. Lots of content but gets repetitive fast. Also, game is in English, not Japanese.

Purenista M | Global


If you want a cute dressup game, this is a nice one. Tons of banners with a variety of clothes and props, you can have uo to 12 avatars at once, boy and girls. Lots of options for creating scenes. Some assets are animated to make your scenes even neater. It is solely a social dressup game. No gameplay other than dressing up and making scenes. There is flower harvesting, but it's basically just looking at other scenes and clicking the harvest button.

The first two pulls on most banners are free. You get 10 free pull tickets day 1, and 5 on day 2, so you can start with a lot of stuff. Rates are not bad.

Graphics are very cute and doll-like. You can choose between a variety of songs to play in the bg, which are pretty nice, or just turn your sound off if you get tired of the sounds. Lots of little quests and stuff to keep you busy when you are bored.

Really fun and cute, no mtx or ads or timers or anything. Plays kinda like Necrodancer in that you tap to the beat to move, and have to move left and right to avoid obstacles and collect items. Surprisingly challenging for a Hello Kitty game. Lots of replay value. Game tracks stuff like which endings youve gotten and how much time youve been playing which is nice.

This game is a blast if you like grinding while socializing. I have met great friends and the server is so warm and inviting. I am addicted to the grind and love paricipating in events.

Sanrio Miracle Match


The game is very fun but the servers are awful, whenever you are matched with a real player, the lag and connection problem is so bad you can hardly even move around. When you get lucky and match with a good connection it is great, or if you get paired up with a bot it is fine too of course.

It is not that hard to play as Hunter, though the game does favor Challenger slightly. But I think people complaining about game balance are exaggerating a bit.

After a while the game gets a little stale as there is only one map (or possibly 2 or 3 that all use the same aesthetic) and it is 1v1 so theres no exciting team gameplay. But it seems they will add more maps later.

Some rare characters have good abilities but some do not, and some common characters have good abilities too. It is not P2W as you can win with your favorites.

The game is extremely stingy with jewels outside of the 2000 they gave for the game basically being unplayable for the first two days after launch. It is rare you will earn more than 10 or 20 jewels after playing for a long time, and a 10 pull costs 1500. If you want to buy those jewels it will cost you 3000 yen.

Overall those are my main complaints with the game to warn players what they might not like. But overall I am really enjoying the game. I expect it to only get better from here on out. As they add maps and fix the connection issues the game will surely thrive in the future. Even if it is a bit of a rough start.

cant find much flaw with this game other than its very easy autoplay for a long time. the translation is a little wonky, looks like non native english speaker translated directly from chinese version.

every few minutes i was unlocking new fun game modes like friendship system, farming and home building, multiplayer dungeons, and more.

overall loving it and hoping it gets an official english release with better script.

Nova: Iron Galaxy


standard fare colony builder, but upgrades dont cost time! other things do but ive been playing nonstop for 2 days and havent encountered any huge timers. plus you get plenty of skips to skip the longest ones. story is surprisingly good for a mobile game like this, i am enjoying the lore and story. join our alliance Federation (FOP) :D

You can finish it in a sitting. i left it running for a while to see how high the stages can get and my monsters couldnt get past stage 650. so that seems to be the end of the game hahahaha. feels a bit unfinished honestly. the graphics are cute and i liked the monsters.

Blush Blush


This is a zoo/furry clicker game where you date animals that eventually turn into furries. But other than the first couple of guys, they will be animals for most of the time. They make lots of puns and stupid animal jokes. Apparently they will turn into normal guys after a VERY long time. You are going to be spending way more time with animals than boys. The artist is better at drawing animals than people, so the animals look really good.

The gameplay is standard clicker idle gameplay with an interesting "time block" system where basically you have to allocate your resources to what you want to work on at the time. After enough clicks and time passed you can increase your relationship with the animals.

If you've ever wanted to date a talking cartoon animal this game can make your dreams come true. Wide variety of animals... so far in the game there is a bunny, wolf, chicken, horse, lemur, and bull and it looks like they will add many more in updates including stuff like a snake. Theres also a paid DLC character for $2 but I don't know what animal he is going to be when you buy him.

Sokubaku Kareshi


The AI chatbot is the draw of the game but it is stupid af. It doesn't seem to understand anything you say and replies with generic stuff. If you want a chatbot to actually talk to try Replika.

The story is cheesy, the guy I picked was obsessed with money which was a shame. Overall it was cute enough though, if you like these kind of cheesy stories you will like it.

After you text a few times you have to wait a couple hours beforw you can text again. The texting is so unsatisfying already that this was basically the nail in the coffin for this game for me. The story wasn't worth it so I quit playing.

My Tamagotchi Forever


Great for Tama fans, maybe not for others. I bought the no forced ads package but apparently without it there are tons of ads. Minigames are ok but most dont give enough coins.

Basically you care for the Tama and it grows up over the course of several days. When it is an adult you have to do a few missions to give it a profession, then it moves into an apartment and you get a new egg.

Tons of little decorations and stuff. I played for a year then finally spent my earnings on decorating for xmas and lost like everything I had saved up. But I am a somewhat casual player.

Game is ok, fun to look at all the hot waifus, but gets stale pretty fast. Gameplay is exactly what you would expect.

Glitched out when I pulled on gacha and didn't show me what I pulled; had to figure it out by looking at what new girls I had. Sad because pulls are the most exciting part of these kinds of games.

Tons of SSR girls to bait you into spending money. Not a big variety of girls for those who like stuff other than conventional types.

No story at all, just booba looba. All the girls call you "master" for whatever reason.

UI is a mess in English version, words overlapping each other and going off edges of screen and stuff.

Overall a cute little time waster if you have nothing better to do and want to check in on how your boobs are performing every now and then.

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