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《印尼华人》 - Zepeto: @Klein88
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《印尼华人》 - Zepeto: @Klein88
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Pokemon Unite


Unique and Good to Play! This moba game brings a new color for moba battle, recommended to play!

Not far like PC version, I like to play this so much. Recommended for Moba lovers

MochiCat Collection


My hobby is collecting items or special things. Mochi cat have many designs that I wanna get, even the gameplay is simple. I am curious if I get all of them.. and eat them.

It's good to play tbh, grinding and leveling isn't really hard, for get coins also is fine for me. Btw, one thing that be my problem here..The downloading for new island is taking so much time. Even it just +100Mb, but idk why my wifi connection become slower.. when I open another application it's become normal again. If there's another player having a same problem as me, I hope dev will fix it. I am still enjoying play this game so far.

Princess Tale


For afk game, I already comfortable with this one. Even sometimes you also need strategy for can win in some stages or pvp with other player. Not really waste your time for doing all events, this game can accompany you while eating, working, or do something else. As I say, it was my best choice for afk game.

Vlinder Doll 2


this is cute and attractive, it looks like I have some daughters here.

Dragon Raja | Global


As long as I play this game, it always be my number one for Open World game.

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


At least, this is the real idol game that I am looking for. It has struggling story to be top idol group in Japan, great music, unique characters with their different personality, and great seiyuu. You should try to play this game, and it also has anime. Until now, the anime is going to season three, "Idolish7 : Third Beat!". And I am very recommend you to watch the anime also.

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