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Take it easy~
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Take it easy~
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Rakugaki Kingdom


I REALLY hope this comes to the rest of the world with a good translation. This game is directly taking the ideas from Magic Pengel and Graffiti Kingdom (heck, it even has "kingdom" in the name still!) and I'm so here for it. Those PS2 games were so niche but being able to draw your own monsters to play as was such a revolutionary idea. I've been wanting a third game in the series for years and years, so I'm praying this comes to global!

World Flipper | Japanese


People need to stop giving the game 1 star just because there's a server problem. Server issues get fixed, you just have to wait a bit or keep trying. Have some patience. This game is absolutely amazing and I haven't found anything like it on the store yet. The gameplay is different and interesting, the pixel graphics are just MMMM SO CUTE and the art is amazing! Thank you for another hit, Cygames. I hope this gets translated someday!

Stella Maiden (KR)


It's refreshing to see some cosmic waifu representation! The gameplay is interesting. You fly around and recapture planets from enemy forces, then assign your girls to them and construct buildings on them in order to gain more resources to summon more girls. Summoning works similarly to Girls Frontline, if you've ever played it. Using different amounts of resources yields different results, so it's pretty F2P friendly on that front. However, other things, like increasing your team size and the amount of girls you can assign to a planet/asteroid cost cubes, which are the premium currency. Thankfully there are affordable options, but it would be nice if the costs for the upgrades were decreased a bit. I want to support this game, though, and I hope it gains more traction. I'm super thankful it has an English option, though all of the announcements seem to be in Korean.

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