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World Flipper | Japanese


I didn't know pinball could be so fun before playing this game [開心] The gameplay is simple just like common pinball, the characters has different skill and and you can try various combination of them.
There's stamina system, it is not that many, but it means you won't playing too long. I approve! [哇噻]

I can't read the storyline though [難過]

Bunny Cuteness Overload


It's waiting game, you click to raise your level, but to get currencies just need to complete daily mission and get rewards. The currencies collected per hour, so no need to continuous playing, open when you want to relax with cute bunnies [委屈]
But the share button doesn't work for me [大哭] How should I influence these bunnies cuteness '-'

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Good game, even it's hard to get crystals and gacha :')
The graphics is good, because of that the game size keep growing making my storage blown up :')
Immersive gameplay, so much action in gameplay make my phone rush to reach 30 fps :')

But still I love the game, is this curse? :) [難過][色色]
_| ̄|○

There is no food!


Just to play casually, It should have more levels :)

Custom Cast


English locale in latest update, interesting. Finally I may understand to use the app [不滿]

My Conbini


Kawaii sugi~ Those chibi, and endless gameplay for me XD. But first maintenance feels so long x_x

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