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Ia Ia Cthulhu FATGHN
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Ia Ia Cthulhu FATGHN
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For those who are really a fan of Star Wars it is a full plate.
For those who like STG it is also a full plate.

It's still in the beginning so I can't demand much. Lots of monetization. The English translation was good but there are still some accents and dots missing. The look is incredible. I hope that have enough events unpaid over time. There is still a lot of bug on the home screen (I can't save settings, change name or even enter the campaign. I don't know if this has to do with what I left in the middle of the tutorial). There are Premium passes.

If there’s anything else I’ve forgotten I’ll edit it here.

Forza Street


The game is not open world so if you are looking for a forza horizon game do not download this one. Even using Unreal engine the game does not present bad graphics on intermediate devices. The camera game surprised me, it's pretty cool. The mechanics equals CSR plus NFSNL. The story is typical of other street racing games plus Forza event. The game is beautiful, it has beautiful scenarios, beautiful graphics. My grade is still 8/10.

Overdrive City


[開心][色色] eu gostei

O jogo é lindo demais. Da umas engasgadas mas não sei oq acontece com outros celulares pq nesse aqui não crashou ate agora.
Não dou nota a valores pq eu não compro nada então não posso opinar (e não prestei atenção na loja também). Não sou fã nem do anime nem do mangá mas esse tipo de gameplay eh diferente do que ja vi então resolvi testar.
Netmarble é uma empresa que visa o lucro, mas ela faz trabalhos melhores que a Bandai. Se fosse pela bandai esse jogo seria um lixo.
Testem, vocês não vão se arrepender.

World Flipper | Japanese


Really good game with really good graphics (even if they're pixelated). The characters are so cute and amazing. I sent an email to them asking if they'll release a global version. They tell me that can't answer about future developments, so maybe this is hope.

Pokémon Masters EX


Mesmerising. [哇噻]

Dance Dance Revolution S


Still working.
Few gameplay, few songs.
Just to fill your nostalgia.
Nothing more.[委屈]

Love the global version, but this one can't get me update it.
Apkpure neither QOapp...

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