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After playing for 5 days this game is trash, game has no pity and ssr rate is at 0.1%,forced ad that you have to buy monthly pack to removed it and it only last for 28 days, characters in game is pixel style from rpg maker.There no point in reroll because rate up banner is locked behind 6 lv of summon ( you need 5000 summon from lv 5 summon to lv6 summon to unlock it).System also trash like legendary unit at 0 dup will be stronger than your unique rank hero even at dup 5 (epic<unique<legendary).

Game has beautiful waifu and is an idle game but it has more problem than normal idle game like long loading time when switching between mode, mobs look so bad that it hurt my eyes and various bugs that will kick player out to login everytime they finished 1 combat battle( relogin is a pain cause of long loading time).[驚訝]

Every Farm


this game is an old game from Flero called Every town, as f2p the game is very good, you unlock most npc from quest except some from cash pack, you will need to do quest alot to progress so it a bit grindy at mid and late game,if you can buy premium item it will be faster.

I will tell you my experience on Viet sv so far, hero quite cheap, many event that give away heroes for free,many free skin from event.Skilled players base is from platinum rank and above below that is bot or totally newbie, Viet people like to test new hero on rank so new hero always got banned on rank.The game now has updated on english UI to help foreigners community in VietNam to play with local, players base in Vietnam are huge, you get queue for a match in under 5 sec.[開心]

Clash Of Sky丨English


game turn base with chibi graphic, has auto and good art, abit generic but it has it unique point.

Pokemon Unite


ok so my review about this game will be on casual player pov: This game is fun to play, graphic is smooth and pokemon skin is beautiful, the price for costume or pokemon's skin is not expensive compared to other moba game,the price for battle pass also not high. The biggest serious downside is that dev put upgrade material for item into bp and limit gold per week so if anyone is a f2p it will took you a month to 5 weeks to buy just 1 pokemon (this is very bad on moba) and not just that there are like ~20 items that need to upgrade if you plan to play many role but you will always fall behind compared to cash player who buy battle pass so it not friendly to f2p player.

the game has good graphic better than ROM, has weight penalty like pc rok but it is like all generic mmo mobile, nothing is from the classic rok .Game quite f2p but very grindy compared to Rom or ROO, if you just want to play an mmo with ragnarok skin then this is the game for you, if you want to play like classic rok then better to play rom or roo.

Alchemy Stars | Global


art is good but Ui and lock fps make the game lag and freeze alot

Blue Archive | Japanese


the game is a mix of princess connect and girl frontline, the l2d is great, the rate for ssr also ok, so far i enjoyed it.

[難過] this game character design and gameplay quite good, music also good, the game also give some costume for free, the downside is that the price for a costume set quite expensive(~ 50$/set costume) and you still need to gacha for equipment with horrible rate 1.14% for epic or 0.1% for legend.This game is better than that pangya on line but it not f2p and you will lose to whale with legend gear for sure.

the game is average, action is good, graphic is decent but the rate for crafting equipment is garbage.You need alot of luck or whale to somehow survive in late game,story is just plain,typicial hero/savior saving the world.

Ragnarok Origin | Korean


this game required vpn to update, you can use open vpn to update it, graphic is super,music also new compared to " eternal love", gameplay and system similar to "eternal love".Character have more emote and reaction to weather, skill tree also simple but stay true to original pc ragnarok.Job only have until 2-1 class, no second job line yet(ex: no bard/dancer,...etc)

Spiritwish | Japanese


I will compare this sv to global sv so people can see the pro and con
Pro: japan sv remove all extra stat in costume,remove achievement that give bonus for every spare weapon/armor so everyone p2p or f2p can only get them from grind and craft,they also remove ticket for grind/raid with cash so everyone will have same number of ticket to grind which is fair.They also reduce the number of character fragment you need to craft from 150 to 50 for all character, each roll give you at least 3 frag of character if your luck is bad.
Con: they remove free cash for f2p from watching ads so there no way f2p can roll gacha,the price for x10 gacha is quite expensive ~40$/10 rolls(both rate up and standard gacha).They still sale vip system only 7 days for ~13$(this is a must buy for anyone who wish to play this game cause it will make your grind offline like idle game).
Conclusion: if you love the Tos vibe of this game and is a casual player then spend some money to buy vip system,you will get alot of fun grinding.if you are f2p and can't pay any cash then don't play this game, the game even for end game content(global) only grind grind and then nothing to do with no event except spend more cash for x char.[不滿]

the core problem with this game is everything required in game money and they sell in game money with cash( offline grind need money,upgrade need ton of money, crafting cost ton of money).Graphic and animation is good ,alot of detail downgraded making the game look boring compared to other mobile mmorpg (ex: dragon raja look way better than this).

Dragon Raja | Global


the game provide you with alot of freebie and alot of thing to do, many free costume,free mount and job system like idol job, player will do thing actual idol need to do like joining talk show, become actor,...etc a real mmorpg that f2p and p2p can enjoy.

World Flipper | Japanese


the game is fun but cygames made alot of Suck move that make players angry.

MARVEL Super War | Global


The game has good graphic,standard map with many place for hiding favor jungler or help mage gank better.Has many heroes with skin from old comic book or recent skin from the movie and this is a big plus for Marvel fan.In my opinion ADC heroes like rocket quite strong (dmg up, move speed up, slow aoe cc) may break the game balance but i could be wrong also i dont know if this is bug or the game just require too much hardware i'm using s10+ and can't set "very high" graphic cause my device can't support that mode [無語].

this game is a everyone must pay, pay for grinding pass (exp bonus,max storage,..etc) or pay for gacha. This game isnt for f2p player,they did give you some character and free cash daily but it never enough you will have to pay some for character gacha and costume gacha.Gear can be grind but you still need dup char (fasted way gacha) to be strong and in top.[汗顏]

global sv, have 3 server "American,EU and Asia" BUT region lock in game, i guess im not asian enough to get into the asia sv [驚訝] Oh well i still give fair vote.

Touhou Cannonball


[開心] best game

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