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Hi. Love u
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Hi. Love u
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I am so frustrated when I meet DC or toxic people. Well every online game have toxic n troll people. We can't avoid it. I just move on n meet them again in next round.😭

Genshin Impact


[哇噻]I love open world game with many mechanic. The character are ao cute. I play 1st few month n stop for 2 month. what a waste. 😭.. I start played it back on Dragonspine update n I Love it..

Onmyoji Arena | Global


I love the game. Thank god I still can login to my old account. Lucky me coz I got all Inuyasha hero b4 n 50k coins.[賣萌][厲害][開心][色色][微笑][憋屈]

I loves the game. Im f2p player since Ragnarok update i think. I have many reasource since i don't t3 or lvl up char to 70 or buy a costumes. My 1st t3 was luna. T2 her using diamond😿.I still thinking about spend some money unfortunately the price a way to high.

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