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Valiant Force 2 | Global


nice game. but where is the code??

这个养成和一拳超人差不多。想微课或无课的准备当别人的沙包。 有钱的差距不是运气拉得回来的类型。如果重课玩家建议玩此游戏。会很爽,有付出有回报。

cannot play.

i have play this game before. just to tell u guys dont get hype on this. this is a super VIP game. if you want to play more, u have to spend more. is 100% pay to win. you will know what i say when u start playing.

this game is only good for gatcha. now got 40roll total.

if you get SR below, is ok to play, but will be very hard
you need to rise HR to lv30 , 2 unit, and need a few upgrade card matts + the max lv30 hr unit ,only then u can rise to SR.

and the level for armor , you need to farm from stages continuously ,(bot) for 50 times to get few N to HN matts to feed your armor level. which is vry hard.

if you plan on easy play, just play gatcha to get 4-full set ur.

Utawarerumono Lost Flag


root phone cannot play

Vip money game.

Project Babel


Support first

Last Origin


need update

actually this game not bad. dont aim for what all people want. u can aim 2 star unit too.

example the blue dragon with crazy evade rate. 900+ evade, they miss you and you can survive longer. make the 2 star unit to 6 star is more better.

the other thing is for moster u dont have, not recommend you buy the dna off, if u dint bid it, you can play the collect dna of the monster, which u can only count on dna shop to upgrade.

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The way to fixed login issue. for those who stuck login after 1 day of play
1. use a korea vpn, u can down from google.
2. go setting account, create new google account while kr vpn is on
3. open play store and update archeland. 
your login will automatically resume as usual.
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