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Traveling Knight(CBT)


Maybe cause game still in cbt so there lot more to improve and translation still weird but still am just love this game art style and still good enough to killing some time, hopefully game UI and lot more'll be improve[開心][開心][開心]

The Spirit Of Wolf


This game is quite, I'll play it again once ma internet get cut off.

Rocket League Sideswipe


Uhhhh met a lot of pc player and they was dann good with this game[發怒][發怒]

Love this game hopefully there'll has global server.

I love Argonaut story line.[大哭]

This game was one of Soul Land series so the story was good as always, for my opinion I think this one was better than Soul Land Reloaded it has quiet good graphic for idle game, i love it.

The game was good as always for bandai standard.

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