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I've been following this series ever since I watched SP!CA's MV preview and I've never ever regretted it in my life. I'm always grateful I found Readyyy! and fell to this hell. The graphics, character designs, songs, MV, and everything are top notch. The story is just what usual idol boys game has but it's purely just a story to raise idol boys so it doesn't have too much otome to it, it's a fresh feelings. The seiyuus are rookies but they're so lovable and fun! I know they're not the best, but I'm sure they'll grow to be the best one day! SEGA is also great in promoting them, once you get to Readyyy!, it's really easy to remember them all!
I will always support Hiro and the man behind him, Hayato. SP!CA are all my precious sons.

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I can't escape from idol and gacha hell Read Note
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