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Star Ocean: Anamnesis


Its a good run. Atleast they allow us to keep the offline version.

Not really that great after few weeks of playing. I wouldn't say terrible but it definitely need some reworks. I'm gonna drop this game.



Its a great game especially if you enjoy pixel game, adventure and town building elements.

Its DEAD??? I really like this game btw. Sad.

Great game altho it takes a lot of time to grind and farm if you ever want to play competitively.

Great Game.

Lords Mobile


Don't play this game if you are new to games. You'll only be fooled and disappointed once you realize how much time it waste.

Dragon Lapis


A good classic RPG!!! Just need a better artwork and it'll be awesome

One of few games that I still played for years.

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Its even worst when animated. 
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