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I'm Lazy and I like Cat. That's all u need to know :3
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I'm Lazy and I like Cat. That's all u need to know :3
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English ver of the game can be found here:[微笑]
Just download the apk and install.
Game currently only available for android or pc with android emulators
since the previous dev stop continue to manage the game, the update is kinda slow but servers still working and people can still play. Though it is slowly dying as no fresh blood come to the servers

If u are new and wish to try, I recommend going for SEA1, 2 or 3 as they were merged and have quite many active players. I don't know about other servers
Just hope the english will get continue before it's totally dead. The game still has great potential but guess Ill play it till Nexon release their own 'legit' mabi game for mobile
The game is dead. The apk no longer work
Mabinogi Mobile from Nexon will release next year. Wait and hope

Kanpani Girls


kinda love it when they release english ver in Nutaku. Then Nutaku ver got removed. sad but then again I dont play games on PC browser much. Will there be english ver for this game for Android in qooapp?

SAO IF is nice. Hopefully i can play with my new phone. Though came out months ago, due to high requirements I can't play it. :3 Soon someone will invent NerveGear in Kayaba's behalf and finally dream comes true :3

Girl's Frontline is nice and relaxing with cute girls :3 Other than the trashy SSR rate, others are good :3

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sounds nice to me
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