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Muv-Luv Dimensions


what can i say i'm really dissapointed, the Overall gameplay is just boring nothing more the graphics are poor and even so my Xiaomi 13 has huge Performance issues it lags like hell. Than there is the difficulty at sone point the enemies have either to high level or there are hundreds of beta on the screen that my TSF can't handle them and the game pretty much runs at 5FPS than😅. And lastly the gasha i did about 15 multi rolls and i only got 1 SSR Pilot so far. For the TSF gasha you need to do rother 10 solo rolls or 1 multi and i did about 15 TSF Gashas and i only got 1 SSR so far as well. Than there is the Problem that you can't really get that much Dollar required to upgrade TSF and Characters so you often have to convert in game money to get enough Cash faster. This game has way to many Problems but i doubt the devs will be able to get this under Control there aren't even events so far so you only do story stuff and the like.

Getting stucked in the tutorial gasha useless game.

Engage Kill


The same type of game as the Mahouka kouku game from square Enix meaning really crappy gasha rates. only 1 3* in 10 rolls so an easy pass.

Tomb Raider Reloaded


Did the devs even play their own Game? The difficulty is way to hard i made it to the third Dungeon before i stoped playing due to Frustration. It's way to hard you get spamed by tons of enemies they keep spawning and shooting at you. You just can't even move without getting killed. Not thanks.

The game has so many bugs that i can't even play anymore i get stucked at the notifocation screen for 3 hours now. Update it has been 12 hours now and they don't fix the issues just the freaking gasha system🤢🤮

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