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i can't use it in my country cause they're rasists...

For AT fans may be good, but for others so so. Also too many bugs and freezes often. Not playable now.

it's more like trolling and not a game

So many SSRs to get but all i got is dupes... And Pass system is pass for me in gacha game.

Kitty Farm


not bad game if you want to kill someone time i"ll see how far i can go with it))

Google Translate


Simple but very good translator. Only bad thing about it is game crashes if i need to switch between 2 apps.

I watch streams almost every time on pc. But if i need to do it outside this app works perfectly 😊

If you like video games and communicate with others, is so strange if you didn't know about discord!)) Best gaming app for mobiles and PC.

Spotify Music


I love this app, really nice recommendations and work like charms. Cheap subscription even for my hole of the world))



love this store also one of best apps i saw in my life 👍

Figure Fantasy | English


Game have some Toy Story vibe, but i was bored in 2 days from gameplay( i had too high expectations...

really like this idle game. cute art and graphics, good gatcha rates, nice prices in shop. very good game to spend about hour in day. Ok deleted, cause more you'll play more paywalls it'll be. really sad but cmon, it's mobile gaming...

Seven Knights ll|Global


i don't like only constant pop-ups "hurry and buy it" But it was good to beat main quests as f2p in 3-4 days. Stuck on normal, it's just matter of time. also managed to be in platinum arena. after it only teams with meta heroes and few legendary heroes. i did about 12x10 pulls and not a single ssr, so it'll be pity after 2 more.
ok deleted this casino! got 2xpity banners 140 pulls and just got dupes of free Karine! Also they remove any bad reviews on g play store, making artificially high ratings...
overall it's ok if you want to play few days and just finish main story.

Lineage W


2 stars just for atmosphere, graphics and music. Game about Archers they 90% players and stealing everything from melee players, also grind af with p2w bonus very small chance to obtain even blue also my main character always dropped skins for other classes...



Good game, sometimes you like it, sometimes you hate it)) tryed top ccgs but HS only game I'm still play, even after huge breaks. I think It will be hard for new players (daylies and weeklies quests), but if you will not hurry and enjoy you'll like it. Only sad thing is making gold, so small amount to farm but so big to spend it for something)))

Guardian Tales | Japanese


Really liked jp ver. only thing i didn't like in games is seasons pass and bad gacha rates. Here both but game is cute.



very nice game. sad i missed all beta days, hope game will be released soon and supported for a long time. great to see good cross platform arpg.

Final Gear | Global


Game about paid banners...

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