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Rakugaki Kingdom


A worthy version, like the 2 PS2 games. It's all here, all the tools. It just looks more complex than the old games.

Very small interface and text, camera very far away. Everything becomes uncomfortable and difficult to appreciate.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Tutorial is too boring, it doesn’t allow you to change the settings until you’re done. Serious development failure, it leaves the game at maximum graphics.

IP blocking is ridiculous, which is why many games run out before they are even released worldwide. You download the entire game and updates, to block you. Sad.[no]

Exos Heroes


Beautiful, a little bad optimized and unfair in the summons. I spent everything I did, but I didn't get good Summon.

LovePlus Every


He gets really sick after a month of playing. Minigame to get a kiss is stupid, to base the girl's response on the percentage of the card (Which fails a lot) and repetitiveness as if it were a job. For those who played the Nintendo DS and 3DS, you know that this is horrible compared to the real Love Plus, only graphics and wonderful dubbing are saved here.

Limited Servant The Game: Give Me Your Money Edition

Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars


Better than Pokemon Masters, it requires arm64 and lasts 12 hours of play.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis


Switching from 32bit to 64bit, more closing the American server was cruel. Esquareenix should have more respect.

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