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A busy Gamer
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I have a mixed feeling about this game..... I love the graphic & animation, the story is not that bad, and i can tolerate "No JP Voice"(Since i'm a sucker for JP Voice) +. But, the connection is ass, gameplay is so-so, and my last straw is the Gacha Rate..... 70 summons and 0 Epic Character..... This is like, the same crappy rate as those games developed or published by CrunchyRoll... Sorry but have to uninstall... Such a shame, really

Right now, i lowered the value due to forced close/freeze problems... But overall game is great especially the animation



Don't worry, this game is not really a P2W game. The dailies can help you get good cards as long you use meta decks/any deck that somehow can make you win despite being a non-meta deck(Me). Try to mix & match any deck that you wish(But max is 3 sub decks & 1 Neutral). So far there are Thor(Focused on any Asgardians), Hela(Frost Giants & enemies of Asgardians), Iron-Man(Including the armor, friends, & his opponents), Spider-Man(Friends & Foe of the Web Head), Black Widow(Anyone related to her), Doctor Strange(Both allies of Strange & Dormammu), Electra(A bunch of Heroes for Hire & Marvel Knights members), Star-Lord(GoTG members), Captain Marvels(Kree & Skrulls are in this 1), & Neutral(So far there are Avengers, HYDRA, Black Order, & Warriors of the Sky(Using Chinese 4 Compass Points as the theme). This game is RNG heavy unfortunately

Not as flexible as the infamous FGO's Match 3 but it's nice because each match has their own effect. The game closed last year in other region but people said to be positive and hope that GL Version can stand on their own. Let's pray for the best



Don't let that Nexon name hinder your gaming experience, because this game for me personally is actually pretty good so far. The reason why a bunch of you saying that Nexon sucks is because of the Global one, that branch is a huge sin in Mobile Gaming History. Bunch of games got shut down due to super money hungry & horrendous rate ups despite the game's still running outside Global like 1 of my fav Master of Eternity(Until all of them got closed, the 1st one is obviously Global), or they asked other Publisher after pretty much ruin it such as Fantasy War Tactics from Nexon GT to Valofe, but it is a very rare case if the one in charge is Nexon Korea. The only game that i know from Nexon KR that got shutted down or will shutted down are that Marvel Battle Lines(In Korea i think), Master of Eternity, Dynasty Warrior Unleashed(March 26th this year), & DomiNation(Transferred to Big Huge Games). Just hope that SinoAlice Global that will released god-knows-when being handled by KR not the greedy Global one. And also, R. I. P. Nexon Japan

There are 2 downsides of this game in my personal opinion : Gacha Rate & Dub.
For gacha rate, it is back to each person's own luck so don't take this seriously. Out of 20 rerolls, 7 of them are SSR but didn't get what i want, which is Sky Ship Ronvalion(Rumored to be the best Ark in the game until now). It is not as harsh as Epic 7 or FGO or any games that published by Efun or even The Alchemist Code, the rate up is quite tolerable.
As for dub, why not Dual Audio..... It is a pain to shut the volume down because of English Dub... Welp it is not that i'm a weeb who demand JP Dub over EN, because i prefer my DMC5 with EN Dub, God of War with EN Dub, and some other. But for Last Cloudia, i seriously prefer JP Dub(This is just my own taste)

I don't know why people just give this game *1 just because they can't connect... I can connect to the game just fine until Maintenance. Maybe it is indeed because of your own connection ? Or maybe your device? For the gameplay & graphic, it is better than Link. Job well done, except for the rate up i guess

Dota Underlords


Still Beta, so there are bad shit here & there like shadow glitching, cannot do anything if you skip too much on Vs Bot, and the obvious no Hero voice over. Even so, not that game breaking and still enjoyable to play. As for Story? Since when this kind of game has story? [無語][無語][無語]

This can be a fun game, i mean it..... But ads everytime you finish 1 stage is totally annoying [發火][發火][發火]

Definitely 1 of my favorite ❤️
Beautiful art, nice game play, naisu sound for both BGM & seiyuu, and so far interesting story~
Still struggling with the game play but i enjoy every second of it

Aurora Legend | English


The game is not for everyone. Why? Some said that they cannot play despite using VPN or no server found, but i can play this game just fine without suffer the problems that some players mention without using VPN(I'm from Asia)...
It's an idle RPG mixed with rogue-like dungeon crawling at some point but mostly around idle RPG so far as i play this. The only downside of this game is that you cannot level up unless by using EXP Book and i only got better equipment on the rogue-like section and not in idle section. Idle section only got common.
The basic character voiced by Aoi Yuki(Mina Tepes from Dance In The Vampire Bund, Kaname Madoka from Mafoka Magica(And the chara is also a mage... Coincidence?), Platinum from Blazblue, Kirara from Gundam Build Fighters, Tatsumaki from OPMan, Asui Tsuyu from My Hero Academia, Diane from Nanatsu no Taizai, Sakura Futaba from Persona 5, Yuuki from SAO, and many more) so expect more of pro seiyuu in this game :D



I cannot rate the story because it's in Japanese and i sux with it.....
The gacha rate is nice although i'm not really into mix gacha where the Debugger(The girls), Demons, and Weapons inside 1 big gacha similar to Grindblue Farmtasy & Grindalia Loots.....
Graphic looks great that i decide to download this game and the voice actress are top too~
But the downside of this game is that to play the story, you have to use required character(For the beginning, don't know about the mid to end game).
The gameplay is your typical Tactical RPG but very nice Support Attack system like Fantasy War Tactics.
Not to mention, animation when using ultimate skill, very good~

Blank City


Similar to Honkai Impact 3rd but way less laggy than HI3(For unknown reason, my HI3 is totally lag despite having 6 GB RAM).
What i dislike from this game that the control is not as smooth & fluent as HI3

Bring us back the JP CV!!!!! [大哭][大哭][大哭]

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Rigged RNG 90 Summons, 0 *3 from Summons..... Dangit my HSR Summon's way better than this.....  Read Note
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