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Playing games by moonlight, suffering by daylight
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Playing games by moonlight, suffering by daylight
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Yotsume God | English


Great storyline! I love the soundtracks and the endings are well written out.. some of them are a bit sad. Just recently started playing escape games by SEEC and I love them! [開心]

Dragalia Lost


I really love this game! The 3D character models are super cute and the overall graphics is great! Reminds me of Adventures of Mana.
Gameplay is awesome and the gacha rate is pretty generous too. ヾ(´ε`ヾ)

I'm in love with the music! DAOKO's songs are just beautiful and so upbeat~ヾ(*´∀ ˋ*)ノ♡

In-game data is 4gb so I had this game on hold for months.. but really glad I'm able to play it now finally

Touhou Cannonball


A good casual board game for Touhou enthusiasts. The art and 2D Live sprites are just beautiful, and the music is great expected of a Touhou game, thoughヾ(*´∀ ˋ*)ノ
Game size is also small and gacha rate is pretty generous too, if not you still have 4* Reimu and Marisa to even the playing field.



Cool artstyle/character designs. ( ´ ▽ ` ) Gameplay is just match 3 elimination but pretty addictive [開心][開心]

so cute [開心]

The graphics are great and rendered beautifully. Smooth anime-style animation and character voices are in Japanese. Gameplay is quite fun and easy too [開心][開心] feels like Guilty Crown.

The world in this game is quite big! I really love that I can walk around in the city and the mall for hours to explore everything..reminds me of Tokyo Xanadu a lot with all the real-life advertising on the city walls. [賣萌]

The mini games are also cool [開心] I think you can figure out the menu in a few hours after playing too~ [可憐] It's mainly Chinese, but in the menu, there are small English writings, so you can find what you need.
And in the tutorial, you can learn most of the things you need to do to collect daily rewards. [開心][開心]

You will need to make 9game acc or use WeChat acc to play.
I think most users are down rating because they can't log in or thinks they need Chinese phone number..
or they don't have enough space and app fails to install.. [可憐]

Exos Heroes


this is a fun game~ a classic turn-based 3D RPG with amazing graphics [賣萌] reminds me of Octopath Traveller [開心]

Libra of Precatus


Finally working for me! Everyone is giving it 1 star before even playing it. [發困] [白眼] The server is kinda busy cuz all of us trying to download it at once and it was under maintenance for awhile, too.

Please wait for it if you really wanna play it. It wasn't working for me either and no you don't need VPN.

I love the character designs & visuals! [賣萌] and the gameplay is pretty fun! [開心]

MistArc of Sky


cool game! [開心] nice art and cute gameplay♡

NORN9 (Mobile)


I've played the PSV/PSP version and watched the anime also.. Story-rich adventure romance with 3 different amazing heroines! I love this game to pieces!! [開心][開心]

The character designs & graphics are beautiful
and gameplay is quite easy~ turn-based chibi attacks.

The Legend of Hope


I dunno why it got such a bad rating. It's pretty good. Reminds me of Daybreak Origin a little bit.

At the end of the road


I read the manhua awhile back. [開心] Surprised to find a game based on it. So far it's pretty cool [賣萌]

Food Fantasy | English


Reinstalled it in my new phone. Too addicted to it :'3 The artworks/character designs are gorgeous plus the all-star seiyuus in one place [開心][色色]



Reinstalled it in my new phone. Still love GE games to pieces! [開心][開心]

Edit: R.I.P... [大哭]

Puyopuyo !! Quest


Puyo Puyo is one of SEGA's most successful franchises which I've been a fan of for a long time now and was super happy to find this game [開心][開心]
So many cute and epic characters to pick from to build your team and almost ALL of them have great voiceovers. ヾ(*´∀ ˋ*)ノ

Gameplay is pretty easy and addictive~ match 3 elimination and setting off pre-made chains which boosts your charas' power to fight enemies.

You get 1 free gacha pull everyday and the gacha rate is pretty generous, too.
And the collabs are so cool~ PQ/P5, Vocaloid, Haikyuu~ (っ´ω`c)♡

Overall a great gacha game for a PuyoPuyo fan (ゝ∀・)

Miku Collection


cho cute♡[賣萌]

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