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Fate/Grand Order | Korean


*Decides to get jp apart from N/A but sees that the Kr ver is led by Netmarble.. Gets the Kr version instead and glad i did that* umu

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Game which one can actually play and not just click one option or use auto.. Feels like one is truely playing something. Love it [色色]💕

The game consists of very good gameplay and the music is pleasing to listen to. It gives us the feel like we're really in the game. Even the costumes and customisation is very pretty. So happy that integral factor came by. Game definitely worth getting and playing specially with your friends. Highly social and with a very good storyline. Hearing Kiritos and Asuna's voice is so lovely and provides a very good being in the anime feeling. Definitely recommend to all mmo lovers.

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