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Reverse: 1999 | Global


An amazing game! Great characters, great sfx, great storyline. Can be played cross-platform if your account is linked. Would highly recommend this game to those who like turn-based.



super cute <3

Really love it <3 wish it had the English option but oh well

Love it! ❤️ Definitely my most fav ARPG



Alot to do

AdventureQuest 3D MMO RPG


-Really slow pve and event updates
-80% about cosmetics
-15% storyline
-5% about stats.
-Still in beta
- Amazing community.
( Community is the reason many play this game)
- Lots of hackers in 5v5 pvp but they're working on it.
-Live events hosted by the devs rarely give something except for 1-2 live event coins.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Game which one can actually play and not just click one option or use auto.. Feels like one is truely playing something. Love it [色色]💕

The game consists of very good gameplay and the music is pleasing to listen to. It gives us the feel like we're really in the game. Even the costumes and customisation is very pretty. So happy that integral factor came by. Game definitely worth getting and playing specially with your friends. Highly social and with a very good storyline. Hearing Kiritos and Asuna's voice is so lovely and provides a very good being in the anime feeling. Definitely recommend to all mmo lovers.

Keep no high hopes in Gacha unless u p2p lol

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Made my day even more special🥰❤️
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