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Mega Miracle Force


as someone who has followed the neptunia franchise since it was just a ps3 exclusive game back in 2010, this game is very dissapointing.

the game feels very shallow in terms of gameplay, just a very generic turn based combat with nothing unique, gacha system that is just very unecessary.

adult neptune is also the only voiced character in this game despite using all of IF/Compile heart character roster

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


watch out, the developers like to delete 3* or lower reviews.
no wonder this game has extremely high review scores all the time despite the extremely horrible progression system

Dragalia Lost


after 4 days of playing i suppose i can start putting out a review, so here goes

1. the combat is good i guess, its just that movements still feels wonky since the characters doesn't really move based on where you are directing them.

2. the music is definitely the only thing in this game i would call "near flawless", basically its really great

3. the coop system is great if you just wanna be carried by other stronger players so i'll count that as a plus

4. the gacha is terrible though, its somewhere in the same vein as FGO where every single thing in the game is lumped into one massive pool, so even if you got a rainbow(5*) you still won't know if you got a character, a dragon or those "kind of similar to CE" illustrated cards

5. daily/weekly quests are still pretty weak if i have to compare it to any other games daily quests

6. the base management(halidom) is pretty good i guess, though i haven't reach the extra grindy parts yet

they took a lot of aspect from other games
-combat, party management and gacha are taken straight from FGO, 2/3 of those things are the worst things in FGO and do not understand why they decided to do it (probably money)
-enhancement is pretty similar to bang dream (as in you level up characters by taking them into battles or using tickets to level up)
-upgrading is pretty similar to danmachi memoria freese(which is somewhat a good thing considering its easy to exploit)

they seem to be somewhat experimenting with the live2d in this game hence why the movement looks weird

storywise its pretty much like bang dream, the story takes place after the events of the anime

edit: after 3 days of playing i have to update this review
1. the gacha is worse than FGO, yep for some fucking reason bushiroad manages to outdo FGO in term of shit based gacha

2. the live pvp is straight up pay2win so don't bother trying that garbage if you're free2play

GrandChase | Global


revised update, the pvp still sucks ass, gacha is a bit better but still sucks ass if you don't know how to cheat the prana system, event are almost non existent or plain and simple boring

not recomended

Abyss Horizon | Japanese


the gameplay is fine but forcing down a stupid cinematic when you or your enemy is about to shoot their cannon or rockets are making the game way too slow and it makes evading the enemy attack time extremely short due to half of your time evading was cut by the stupid cinematics

this game is a readable but inferior version(if you can't read japanese) of a japanese game that is late 2 years on both Quality of life updates and content updates compared to the original JP version, not having the same content as JP from day one is reasonable as they can just catch up similar to other games with english versions such as azur lane or bang dream however this game made the most fatal mistake of not transfering all the Quality of life updates that has been implemented in the JP version this means all the bug/glitch fixes, UI changes, animation/voice/sound/music updates are late 2 years.

overall: just play the JP version and at least socialize in the wikia app

*P.S this is a new review i made after a year from my last review

So this game....
yeah its not really getting better if i had to be honest, new stories are really weak and uninteresting but the thing that made it worse is how every new chapter addition also adds a variety of new power creep mechanics with the new mechanics getting worse and worse (and harder to farm as well, one of them requiring you to login a week nonstop to only get 1)

JP version is starting to be more charitable with freebies compared to EN so i guess that's a plus but honestly freebies ain't going to fix power creep mechanics that are already deeply rooted at this point

sound design is still pretty weak (they only spiced it up for certain events, most likely on collabs)

if you want my recomendation just go buy fate/extella and extella link on steam(PC), PS4 or the switch if you want an actual fate game that would respect your money and time

or you could just play fate/extra on a psp emulator

one of the most dissapointing games i've seen developed, its been 2 years and this game despite having battle idol as the main theme ends up having way too limited amount of bgm and soundtracks, gameplay has not evolved a lot within its lifetime as it gets extremely stale, same goes with how event goes

all in all just like FGO its a massive dissapointment, just another lazy mobile game that has way too slow development

Dolls Order


controls are extremely clunky and comparing this to an old gundam psp game, the gundam psp game still plays better ffs

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well this game is going to be crap
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