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Hello! I post content like fanarts and translations. Take a look around~
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Hello! I post content like fanarts and translations. Take a look around~
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#COMPASS | Japanese


This is definitely one of my favourite games available! This is a strategical game where you can't win purely on money and powerful skill cards. Each battle round is about 3 minutes and the goal is for your team (of 3) to capture the most amount of portal keys (out of 5).

There are frequent collaborations with anime like Attack On Titan, Konosuba and games like FGO and even the Vocaloids (search online for the comprehensive list)! Every Hero in the game has their own theme song that might be played during battle, which is really unique and fun to this game!

This game is F2P friendly too! You can get lots of free BitMoney (BM) just by logging in and completing missions every day. There are 3 types of gacha:
→ Free Gacha: 0.2% UR, 1% SR
→ Paid BM Gacha: 1% UR, 9% SR
→ UR Ticket Gacha: 100% UR

There are also different types of Heros: Attackers, Gunners, Tank and Sprinters, as well as different types of battle arenas that requires different strategies (´・ω・`) Do give this game a try! ☆

Obey Me! Shall we date?


I really recommend this game for anyone who likes otome games! I didn't plan on playing the game since I thought that it was P2W, but it's much better than other games since you can get Demon Vouchers / Devil Points quite easily (・ω・)

You will need to clear lessons to progress in the main story, and your team / card's strength must be higher than the enemy's. The lessons are quite boring where your demons do a "dance battle". You can get cards through "Nightmare" gacha and frequent free rolls! UR/UR+ is about 1% chance. It's quite hard to get them T_T);;; You can get a guaranteed UR pull on your birthday though!

The story is really interesting and it will make you blush~ ♡ There are frequent events but you can just complete it's story to focus on the main story! The events are quite hard to complete to be honest. But I will still recommend this game since it's not really P2W and the story is really nice! ( # ▽ # )♡♡

Korean Otome game about Psycho Boyfriends! Game is in English only.

The story is about a weak female lead (no customizable name) that is constantly bullied in a Korean High School. There are two love interests: Jin (black hair, obessive bully) and Sean (kind and pure classmate). Only the first 26 epsiodes are free. The gacha, where you can get illustrations of the characters, is only free for the first (×5) draw.

Here are the prices for the paid options: (prices in USD)
→ $4.24 for the full epsiode
→ $1.75 for ×10 Gacha
→ $1.05 for ×5 Gacha
→ $4.24 to view all Gacha illustrations

There are obtainable event (story) CGs that can be unlocked via Hidden Endings and Routes. 5 illustrations are available in the free 26 epsiodes, and the remaining 5 is only available in the paid story.

Some game functions, like "My Gacha", does not load.

Overall, the quality of the illustrations are amazing but not all dialogue are voiced. It seems that Jin is the only Yandere in the game, because Sean was just always beaten up and did not much Yandere characteristics. Protagonist is also too weak in my opinion... But overall I recommed downloading this for the amazing graphics! It's up to you whether you want to purchase the full paid version of the story _(:3 」∠ )_ Feel free to comment if you want to see the event CGs!

Toy Mental Hospital


Non-Japanese speaker here! I didn't understand what I was supposed to do, even after watching advertisments for hints. The game is about healing toys after they had experienced some traumatising situations, where you are a toy doctor with a clip board with options of therapy (eg. hypothising, medicine, operations, exercising, music...) I'm sure that the experience will be better if you can understand what's going on!


Pixiv Comic


Amazing game! Character customisation is well done, and the controls are flawless. You can have as many husband and wives as you like! An otome, RPG, raising simulation, bascially a game with everything you can possibly want! (≧∀≦)ゞ

Honestly didn't understand what I am supposed to do. The opening MV was great though!

Took way too long (it took me more than 4 hours) to load the game. I did not get to play the game even after all that loading, and the downloading of files took too long as well. It seems like a good game, but unfortunately I'm not able to judge it fit to the long waiting time. Graphics and concepts look great too!



Took too long to download and uses too much battery life. Didn't get to play the game -//(ǒ.ǒ)//-

This way!!


Quick casual game with 40 stages! I completed the game under 10 minutes (^_^)/!
This game allows you to draw lines to guide the character's path where the lines are like "walls" that blocks them from running in that direction. Coins can be used to extent the length of the line that can be drawn, and to increase offline profits. You earn 100 coins per stage, and 300 coins is needed to extent the length of the line.
Here's the issue: After several stages of playing, the 100 coins that I earn per stage does not add to my actual coin amount. I'm not sure when my coin count stopped increasing, but I had sufficient coins to increase my line to the maximum (I think). Next, even though there are 40 stages, there is no menu page and there is only a cycle of continuous stages (eg. from stage 23 you can only go to stage 24, and from stage 40 you can only loop back to stage 1).
The characters/people running as well as the zombies are really adorable and makes up for the game's limitations. You can give it a try and test yourself to see how fast you can complete all 40 stages!

不会读日语的我成功闯关了!!游乐园是有点可怕,但如果读的懂文字就更好了。小鬼,食物都十分可爱,最后的场面也让我有很大的成就感!我也不需要怕卡关,因为提示是读的懂中文应该也看得明白的日语 _(:3 ∠ )_ 花了大约一个小时就成功逃出了!

I can't read Japanese but I somehow managed to escape successfully! The amusement park is quite scary (to me at least), but the final scene made me feel a strong sense of accomplishment! The food, carnival booths and the ghosts in the game are just too cute and pretty! ( # ▽ # ) And even if you are stuck at a chapter, there are hints for you to refer too (google translate the text). I spent about an hour to unlock the gates! Will be better if there was an English version.

很温馨的一个小故事 ♡
故事很短,我花了差不多两个小时就搞定了 Normal End 和 True End!如果觉得难的话那看个视频就可获得提示与答案 ( ゚∀゚)o彡゚小声的跟你们讲,按了视频提示就会立刻拿到,不必把它给看完。唯一的遗憾就是没描述男孩与女孩逃出后的情节。除此之外游戏很温暖,可以推荐哈哈。喜欢日本文化的朋友们也可以试玩一下!

A touching and warm escape game/story! ♡
The game is quite short and I spent around 2 hours to obtain the "Normal End" and "True End". Even if you are stuck at a chapter, you can watch a video to obtain more hints/ the answer! (By the way, you will obtain the hint immediately after you click the watch video button, so you can press your device's "back" button to save you the ad-watching time haha (。>﹏

All star dogs


This is ideal for those who like merging games, but I personally don't really like this type of games haha ( ˘•ω•˘ )/ You basically merge two dogs to get another type of dog, and you progress to get rarer dogs. This game is also available in English! You can also use gold to buy dog type that you want. Has a really cute artstyle. 🐶

aNGels of death


This is an online game for the RPG game / Anime called Angel of Death. It's a cute cafe game but gets boring quickly. In-game characters are cute but resolutions in some areas are a little low. The game is also a little laggy too. Additionally, there doesn't seem to be much to do in the game, especially since I can't read Japanese.

Home screen features your (customizable using gacha items) cafe, along with your avatar, an AOD character and a random player. Players can review quests, giftbox and their post. You can also click on "!" icon (if any) that leads you to another player's cafe. I think you can message other players, but the tutorial did not explain it clearly.

You can also customize your character using clothes from the gacha. There is also a Kitchen where dishes are cooked (select food to cook and leave until timer is done) and a Cafe area for you to serve your cooked dishes, which I'm guessing is the main objective of the game. Since all you have to do is to tap on your food to serve, it gets boring quickly.

Gacha Rates:
5☆: 2%
4☆: 5%
3☆: 10%
2☆: 83%
1☆: 0%

Overall, this game has cute graphics and character designs but gets boring quickly. I recommend playing the actual RPG horror game _(°ω°」 ∠)

Amazing graphics, controls and concept, just that the waiting/loading time too long. Sad that the Chinese server closed down, since being able to read what's on the screen can help you to raise the attack/choose the character to play with. Definitely my favourite action/fighthing game so far! You can try playing it on the Japanese server too :)

Hard to get coins to unlock new or exclusive packages and the controls are not very good. Voices are in Japanese and subtitles are in English, so it's really boring to wait for the audio to end before you can tap to activate another audio clip. After awhile, audio clips are very repetitve as you try to complete the pack. Overall, this game has good intentions but you need to buy the exclusive packages and scenarios and is a little boring too.

Building Up My Boyfriend


Progress is too slow and stories are really short before you go back to grinding (tapping speech bubbles). Although the art is splendid, I doubt much people have the patience to last till the end. Dialogues between you and him was a little confusing and seemed forced.
Tip: Use the online walkthroughs to help you choose the correct options and get the ending that you want!



可爱但真的好卡 😭 过一会儿也变得无聊了。
Super cute but it's so laggy! It got boring after a few weeks of playing too ( ˘•ω•˘ )

Game is interesting at first, but it got really boring after awhile. Did not feel like continuing on. No harm trying this out if you're interested!

Alice and stiffness


Dark and cute -//(ǒ.ǒ)//- Casual game where you get by from tapping and leveling up. I personally enjoyed collecting different forms of Alice! Language is only available in Japanese.

Alchemia Story


I really enjoyed this game until they stopped giving out the free Philosopher Stones (PS) from login bonuses and events. They were giving them out in such large quantites when the game was just launched (I could do TWO 10× pulls in just ONE day), but they stopped when much more people installed the game. It's basically pay-to-win (P2W) now, and you can only get small quantities of PS stones from rare event login bonuses, and grinding (very hard) to exchange items for PS.
The game itself is actually very enjoyable, where you can customize your own look and even body shape. Every player gets a "partner" to go on adventures with them, which I really enjoyed because you will always have someone to accompany you around (although it is not a real player). You can even customize your partner's looks. The story line is quite interesting, and quests aren't too unreasonably hard as well.
This will really be an amazing game worth 4.8 to 5 stars only if the P2W system is removed and methods of acquiring PS are of wider variety and easier.

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