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Ast Memoria


it's a pretty straightforward game with a decent reroll mechanic. There are only 4 5* characters that you can actually use at the moment so I would advise to reroll til you get all 4 or at least 3.

The game is very dialogue heavy and it can take minutes to get through it. You can only skip old dialogue

Highland Sky Elestoria


game errors out and can't get back in. Devs have not given any updates even though people have brought it to their attention hours ago on Twitter

Akanesasu Shojo


literally trolled everyone with the preregistration rewards being worthless. The gacha system is p2p and hiding their VIP system... cash grab alert!



it's Jojo in chibi form

fix your game

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where's Ultraman? he's advertised in the opening video as one of the units Read Note
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