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I Am Yuzikaya Igniz Call Me Yukai Or Short Name, My Birthday Is Feb/6th/1993, I'm Half Danish, Thai
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I Am Yuzikaya Igniz Call Me Yukai Or Short Name, My Birthday Is Feb/6th/1993, I'm Half Danish, Thai
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VRChat [Alpha]


vrchat alpha yeah i test it, and it says that if u have already on the steam to pay the subscription or someone to give u a gift, to allow u play on the phone, if u dont want to u can wait for little longer till it comes back again and see theres news or not.
(myself: i might wait that vrchat alpha to adding very poor for avatar, cause i really love it so much to play, of i dont have oculus headset i can use my phone instead, maybe others too make it update, ill be wait when Vrchat alpha is going well and wish u luck.

those games honkai gakuen i was didnt't notice was real 1, i gave myself a shot about test this, was very great and good to know, had i know that is its like from future from honkai impact and genshin, yeah i will take the favor games

Honkai: Star Rail


honkai star rail since i play those well was very good it almost just like genshin, but i prefer for playing them all, has i concentrate every test that, right was very good i take had my favor game and i already move out on next to levels, it is look by from the future of history at the beginning by genshin, Honkai gakuen, honkai impact and this too star rail

Let's Play Duema!


i can say that how to played, but i am good testing.

Genshin Impact


genshin impact is ok, seems i try it harder or keep it myself try more saving stuff make itself hope for luck to get the best part of genshin impact.
and thanks my friend held me up to continue to travel adventures

CABAL M | Thai


this game cabal m thai server was ok, but just missing loading when to slow, still need add fast loading to jump in the quest to clear also count down in second logo next quest too, without count down quest next target

Monster Hunter Riders


Monster Hunter Riders Are Super Great Games



i give all the best duel masters plays




this gundam battle gunpla warfare is great game style
but the problem is standard and light mode on cutscene storyline it took long for minutes or hours loading lag screen, please add new way low graphics will be good for cutscene storyline fast smooth up running, medium graphics and high graphics should be ok.
please i'm begging you.

Cabal Mobile | Korean


Is This The Best Cabal Mobile Ever

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


honkai thats kinda disappointed or not so, i had to try to play and to stay focused how it feels, well it is goodi tak these has my favor

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about twitter account on JP link game we might have had these troubles the twitter account link:
can someone tell me is duel masters plays are not gonna re-add twitter accounts? or still ongoing?
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