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just an ordinary person who love to play game, especially with a good story
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just an ordinary person who love to play game, especially with a good story
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Genshin Impact


honestly my first impresion about this game not so high when i see the trailer and gameplay footage on beta test, but when i try this myself, daaammmnn my old skyrim habit rise again (wandering aimlessly😂), i know some player out there say that this game just BoTW ripoff but i dont care, i love this game world and mechanic, its so beautiful and make me wondering "is this really mobile game ?!", for story part i cant say much because im not that far yet ( just wandering around since launch lol) but it is mihoyo we're talking about so i expecting more deep and interesting progress in the future.

p.s : lisa is the best onee-san so far

so far this game have good story (as expected from tales series), graphic is okay i think, but fps may drop sometimes even though i lower the graphic setting, for gameplay, its turn based game so nothing special, well there is this mechanic that the higher your hit count, the higher damage you can inflict, so turn order is important too.
overall this game is worth to try, good story even on first chapter, simple gameplay that easy to understand, and pretty good start if you want to know more about tales series (there's somekind of wiki about other tales series in this game too).

Arknights | English


for tower defense game this is surprisingly fun, every unit have their own role, even the deployment order can affect the result too, and for story i think its quite enjoyable so far (im still in chapter 3 btw), i dont know if the story will escalate slowly like fgo or not, but overall i enjoying this game.

Exos Heroes


overall this is a good game, nice graphic and music, gacha drop rate is pretty good with millage to ensure you to get rate up fatecore or hero, i can't say much about the story yet because im still in early chapter, so far its about your generic adventure to avenge your hometown destruction and lifting your curse with somekind of ancient artifact that scatter around the world, i hope there's interesting plot twist along the way.

this game actually have potential but lack of optimization, mostly force close on story mode

the only gacha based game that make me excited with not only SSR unit but also lower rarity unit [微笑]

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