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Seven Knights ll|Korean


Ready for tomorrow opening!

V4 | Korean


its a typical MMORPG but in a different ways for some reason, I know it will be a grind fest, its normal for an MMORPG. Can't believe that it runs fine on my old HUAWEI P9! sadly every emulator that I tested never worked. memu, nox, even BS4, but LD player is the only one worked. Bad thing after recent update V4 is now crashing on LD player. Probably this will be addressed soon so that people can play using PC. Since it just new on the market. Let's hope that this can be playable on other emulators.

Action is pretty dynamic, probably for those had illness in visions, this will be a bad idea, but good thing there's normal mode and quarter mode and free mode than can be set.

its pretty huge map with almost REALTIME open world with no such loading times. very cool. its like living in a real world where every corner of the maps there's realtime happening. Conversation system is likely the same or came from OVERHIT though. Some mobs are recycled from HIT. Well its both NATGAMES though, same devs that made both game.

Inter server faction can be enabled upon reaching level 30.
customizing system is likely good to limited, but it can be compared to Black Desert M, though BDM has more precise customization.

I'm not really sure what's the difference on the +12 & +18 version? Can't seems to see it. was it blood effect or showing some skins? I can't see the difference for now... I both play the 2 versions from time to time.

warning! Enchanting passed +3 is very dangerous! Hell I broke green items 2x on my 1st experience enchanting passing +4. Both broken. Damn!

my biggest downside is......... the pot system, freaking hell Skills consumes more Mana Potions and when its depleted your character will go basic attack being vulnerable to mobs specially when you are farming on a higher lvl grounds.

So i can say that this game is a M-POT grabber! and the more pots you bought, the heavier your bag it gets. Just like BDO mobile. Well atlease you could farm longer in BDO because there's no use of the mana pots in there.

This game is next to TRAHA, V4 is seem more exciting than TRAHA now.

thanks to qooapp that we can download the +18 version now. Even on my iphone 6s plus, i can only download the +12 version. because of the stupid age/phone verification! not all korean friend can help with this thing even my korean friend. probably to some...

im expecting for the economic balance specially on market side of the game... and crafting...

UPDATE: V4 is getting a PC version soon this DECEMBER!😄 and its looking gorgeous people on PC!

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