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What is this madness... an actually decent Touhou game, that doesn't feel like a cheap fan project with a lot of passion but not much gameplay to be had!? Bless be Good Smile Company.

In any case, Touhou Lost Word is a turn-based RPG featuring what so far appears to be some classic Touhou characters. Much in the vein of Fate/Grand Order and Magia Record, Lost Word utilizes smallish character sprites performing attacks on screen, in this case with the attacks resembling those seen in actual Touhou Project games. They're also similar to those games thanks to this game's equivelant of Craft Essenses. It appears you get characters and "Craft Essenses" out of the gacha, though characters seem to either be incredibly rare or I just don't understand the gacha system all that much.

In any case, the game has an unusually long prologue with the main story, rendering a legitimate team meaningless as you're forced to use pre-made teams for the whole prologue. Of course you can use your own team in mobile trademarked challenge stages for earning power up goodies, but no real stages until you pass the prologue.

The game seems generous at first with the premium currency, though again I may not fully understand the gacha so take that with a grain of salt. The artwork is great and the soundtrack is fantastic, with the music constantly changing and even showing the name of the song and the artist behind it as it switches which is a neat touch. It clearly has a hefty story if the prologue is so bloody long, and in any case is a huge step up compared to the lack of stories in other Touhou mobile games I've played up until now.

Overall, I quite like this game and very much recommend it to fans of Touhou and fans of mobile games with more strategy required than most similar games.

This game has a crummy method of monetization. It pretty much hides a lot of this scumminess behind an paywall, and the moment you pony up, you slowly get introduced to more crummier methods of the game trying to reach into your wallet.

First, the initial paywall after the prologue, where you have no choice forward beyond paying real money for access to the rest of the game, either by buying full access or buying access area by area. Second, two shop tabs are greyed out with ??? names until you buy something, revealed to be TP Boosters and BGM. TP Boosters permanently increase how much TP you gain per stage (basically in-game currency) and BGM unlocks songs from past Sonic games to use in stages. Third, you'll later run into TP gates where you need a LOT of TP in order to progress beyond this point, further incentivising purchasing the boosters to skip grinding for TP. Fourth, if you want to play as characters besides Sonic and want their SP Skills, you need to buy them with TP, again incentivising boosters, although you could just play as Sonic instead. Fifth, daily and challenge events spring up that require TP to play, with these contributing to a global score, being the closest to PVP you'll get with this game.

Aside from awful schemes to ring your wallet dry, the game is decent and at least worth the discounted $5 entry IF you like what you played in the prologue, as nothing else in the game requires real money to use as far as I know. The story is beyond basic, the visuals and gameplay are great, and the music is fantastic. Pretty much only buy it if you're THAT much of a Sonic fan or fan of multi-sport games to be able to look past the sleezy monetization.

Urban City Stories


This is essentially a stickerbook-style "game" where you reposition characters and objects as you see fit. You can remove stuff from characters like shoes (although it appears they lose their feet when you do this which is hmm) and hats, and equip pretty much anything you find on the ground to their hands. For instance, I gave what looks like a toddler a knife... this is a game for all ages. The environment's art style is 100% unique, never-before-seen, absolutely original in every sense of the word so long as you don't forget the air quotes. All in all, its a glorified stickerbook and nothing more, no actual gameplay and the people do nothing but stand there and hold things you give them. You get your money's worth just by looking at the screenshots.

And yes, there's a totally original handheld console on the floor in the freely-accessible house, though the totally original game being played on it isn't the one you're thinking of.

Dark Witch Connect!


I wasn't expecting what I got from this one, but I'm glad I gave it a try. A while ago, there was a mobile game based off the popular Pripara anime that was shut down after Pripara ended. I quite enjoyed the gameplay in that game, so it was a shame to see it go. Lo and behold, this random Dark Witch puzzle game is essentially a lite version of that Pripara game! It plays similarly, with an emphasis on speed and combos. The visuals are nothing outstanding, just a illustrated cut-in for each character and a sprite icon. The rest of the game isn't visually appealing. The music is nice. The game has a glitch where going too fast can result in icons you try to match being rendered unselectable and can only be removed by blowing up a bomb or using skills to destroy them. I haven't seen anything requiring monetization, so it's basically 100% free. If you're a Legend of the Dark Witch fan, there's plenty of characters that might be familiar to you here, and it's a pretty fun game despite its flaws.

The game is similar to Battle Cats and the many other games similar to that. A noteworthy difference is how limited the amount of units you can bring into battle are, being halved so you only have 5 units instead of the usual 10. You also aren't facing off against an enemy base, but are instead trying to reach the goal line, preferrably as fast as possible so you can obtain a gold medal for the level... which is ironic considering who the main protagonist is. Another noteworthy addition are skills, as each unit has a skill that can buff other units, send powerful attacks at the enemy, or what have you. The sprites are light on animation but look adorable nonetheless, and a surprising amount of the UI is in English. Not enough to fully understand the game, but just enough to more or less know what you're doing. The story follows the original story of BOFURI, with added side stories for characters and events. It's definitely an interesting take on this style of tower defense, well worth a try.



Pixar Tower features Pixar characters working and shopping at a large tower that you get to build. The game features a uniquely cartoon art style that looks very nice animated. I also quite like the music and sound effects, as standard as they are for a puzzle game. Gameplay entails dragging a line to connect same objects, which visually change to reflect the kinds of products you'd purchase from the store you're currently playing the puzzle in. The goal in each puzzle is a bit unique, in that you have to serve the customers at the top of the screen by matching enough of a particular object. Some customers might ask for boxes that you have to fill, while others won't reveal their wants until they get to the front of the line, which makes things interesting. The gacha is pretty pricey, but thankfully you don't really need new characters at all unless you REALLY want them or their bonus. It's another pleasant puzzle game, specifically for Pixar movie fans!

RWBY: Crystal Match


As someone who wasn't a big fan of the show itself and hasn't been keeping up with it at all, RWBY Crystal Match is your typical Match-3 game. The visual style takes after the spin-off Chibi CG cartoon of the show, which always looked pretty wrong to me. Regardless, the game pulls off the same style very well, especially with the animation. There's barely if any voice acting and a total lack of a story beyond a few nonsensical opening cutscenes. The sound isn't all that impressive or great. Gameplay is your standard Match-3 fare, with hardly any innovation to the typical formula. There are "special events", which add a bit more urgency to complete the stage as fast as possible, but that's about it. There's unlockable costumes (and purchasable characters) that grant various special abilities and buffs, though I never found the need to buy or upgrade anything, let alone swap characters. It's also buggy and slow at times. RWBY fans might be better off skipping this one.

The Sonic Runners-esque Detective Conan game makes its way west! It's the exact same game as the Japanese version, but I'll review this one separately regardless. The animations for the chibi runners are all very samey, which is disappointing since they literally don't do anything else besides that running animation aside from a few unique animations for skills. The music definitely fits the detective genre. The gameplay is hit or miss, literally as your runner can land in top of an object and die instead of bouncing off of it, or you could land on the floor or fly right through it to your death! The constant loading screens and ad breaks definitely don't help with how easy it is to die in this game, though you can pay to remove them if you like the game. Which despite my issues, it still is a pretty good running game all things considered! Give it a play!

Touhou: Canon


Another Touhou game that's just kinda not good! Unlike the others, this one feels like there's some kind of progression, but the progression is so painfully slow that I still wouldn't count it. The visuals, besides the Touhou characters of course, are very boring such as the solid square blocks you have to attack with the solid circles you shoot. Getting characters is slow, which is a shame since every character has a particular color that can instantly shatter blocks of the same color. Blocks get more and more health over time, so game overs are inevitable since it's difficult to break blocks before they reach the bottom. The ads you get at game over certainly don't help matters. Play any of the other Touhou games on QooApp, anything but this.

Yes, a new and very pretty-looking game that... follows the events of the anime. And has meh gameplay. Well geez, there went my excitement! Sorry, I just don't like it when anime games just retread the anime instead of having interesting new scenario's to tackle. While the game is extremely pretty and true to the anime, the animations and effects being especially great, and good setting-fitting music all around, I just can't get over how boring the gameplay is. It's a simple card system where each character has 3 kinds of cards they can attack with, including a super attack card. It's like... it works, but it's none too fun despite the flashiness of the animations. It's definitely an absolute treat for Nanatsu no Taizai fans, but overall just fine.

A painfully average game. I would believe it if someone told me that one of the Circles of Hell included being forced to play this game and only this game for eternity. Doesn't sound too bad, but they say that the worst games are those that are so painfully average that you'd rather play a barely functional mess than this. That's kinda the feeling I get playing this game, as it's not fun to play, the visuals and sound are okay, the gacha barely seems necessary, and there's just not much there in terms of content. Aside from the main puzzle levels, there is a goldfish plant you can tend to... I guess. It's just too generic to recommend, though as previously mentioned, its average-ness is kinda sorta a perfect fit for the setting.



An interesting game with an interesting premise. While interesting, being fun to actually play is another thing. It's more or less a waiting game as you try to charge a phone's battery using natural energy sources such as rain, electricity, and good ol' manpower among other things, and then attempting to discover the contents of the phone in the short amount of time the battery holds up. You have to constantly change or update the devices used to create energy, and they constantly whither over time and break after a while. Thankfully, you can recycle them back into more devices, or research to upgrade existing or create new devices. The game on the phone is very hard to play, making actually charging the phone enough hardly matter if you can't beat the game on it in time. Still, a very interesting game that's well worth a try, especially for the music.



osu is a freeware rhythm game with many, many user-made maps featuring plenty of popular and unpopular songs from across music history. Or in short, a lot of anime songs. I mean a LOT. The game is readily playable on PC but has yet to receive a satisfactory mobile version. This is still not that satisfactory mobile version, I'm afraid to say. Honestly, it feels like they just stuck the PC version onto mobile devices, which comes with a plethora of issues if it's not properly optimized for the smaller platform. For instance, there's a sorta functional mouse cursor that's definitely not optimal for mobile. The UI is also very busy and difficult to fit onto a tiny screen, though thankfully there's plenty of options to adjust it to varying degrees of success. Worst of all is the constant lag and crashes, obviously not good. As of now, it's definitely not worth playing this mobile version over the PC original, and I would wait for more updates to make it much more suitable for mobile.



Similar to a previous favorite of mine going by the name Cat Atelier on the English Google Play Store, Color Pieceout is another story-driven Match-3 game with elements of detective-esque mystery solving. The game's overall style reminds me of the Professor Layton series, complete with a western setting and anime cutscenes. The protagonist Lily is heckin' adorable, and also very animated outside the cutscenes despite mostly being shown as a static sprite. Many other characters have nice animation as well. The music fits the bill for the setting and calm, puzzling gameplay. Gameplay-wise, its your typical Match-3 mobile puzzle game with hardly any unique aspects outside of the detective elements outside of puzzles, which can easily be compared to Ace Attorney. I don't think the generic gameplay takes away from the game's visual appeal, so if any of the mentioned games suit your fancy, I reckon Color Pieceout will too!



Front to back, side to side, this cube is flying! Starlight looks pretty simple yet spacey, with everything being represented by lines and shapes. Thankfully, the minimal visuals work in favor with the incredibly simple gameplay. The music and sound effects... not so much, as they're honestly ear-grating after a short while. The gameplay only takes a tap, but the variety in level design, paired with open space that you might accidentally send the blue cube hurling towards or the killer red barriers and objects blocking your flight and line paths, mixed with the occasional oddity like a green line that warps the blue cube elsewhere, all make for plenty of fun, interesting, and difficult challenges that feel well worth tackling. Unfortunately the game is often interrupted by 30-second ad breaks, which can get annoying depending on your patience. Still, it's a very nice puzzle... platformer? Kinda sorta, it's a nice puzzle game nonetheless.

Pokemon Rumble Rush


Pokémon Rumble on mobile devices! The visuals are what you might expect from the Rumble games, with a couple of graphical options in the event your device can't handle hi-res low-poly goodness. Heck, my resolution was toned down to the point where it basically resembled a 3DS screen, truly the intended Rumble experience! Sound effects should also be very familiar to Rumble veterans, as many of the sounds are returning including some music. Gameplay is more or less similar to other Rumble games, with the main objective to take out the big Boss Pokémon at the end. The road to get there is literally a straight line this time, and the Pokémon moves automatically while you handle everything from attacking to dodging to swapping Pokémon. The story is virtually nonexistent, just a means to get you catching Pokémon. Thereby hardly any incentive to pay for anything, unless you're impatient, and there's no stamina system beyond needing feathers to find new stages. It's a solid mobile game!

I very much enjoyed the anime and movie, as well as the one Manga volume I have of this, so I'm quite glad the game is pretty good! The environments are nothing to write home about, but the same could be said for World of Warships, which thus game's presentation sorta reminds me of. The ship AIs and ships themselves are represented really well in 3D, and the animations and Skills are very wonderful. The music is pretty great, especially during battle. Only the ships are voiced and there isn't full VA during cutscenes, which is fine by me since that means less downloading. Gameplay is, unfortunately, semiautomatic with the option of full automation. It actually reminds me of the most recent Girls und Panzer mobile game, albeit with only 3 ships and it being real-time instead of turn-based. If you enjoyed that Girls und Panzer game, this one is essentially the same but on the sea, with a touch of Azur Lane UI and menu inspiration. I quite like it!

This is... certainly not a good game. If we can even call it that. First off, I DID watch this show, so go figure the one I actually watched has a bad mobile game. Though calling it a "game" is being VERY generous. EVERYTHING YOU DO, the game slaps you with a loading screen. Pressing any button, walking through a quest, you'll just constantly be blasted by loading screens. Oh, you found a dupe, here's a loading screen. Oh, you tripped over a raid boss, stop the quest you're currently on to fight it (after some loading screens). And how do you "play?" By not doing anything. It's the most automatic of auto-battlers. There's hardly if any gameplay at all. The units you get are used only for raid bosses, and you still pretty much do nothing there. On top of all that is the low quality visuals, there's really no point to playing this game at all. Could it even improve from its launch state...?



This is a rhythm shooter hybrid game that's actually in English! Always a nice thing. Unfortunately I can't say much good about the game itself. As "rhythm shooter" for a genre name suggests, the game plays like a typical sidescrolling shooter game where holding the screen moves the character as well as fires endlessly so long as the screen is pressed. There's not much visually going on, all the characters and backgrounds look pretty simple and the UI is just as simple. Thankfully it at least has pretty good music to listen to while blasting away enemies. There are parts where the shooting stops and an actual rhythm game pops up where you have to tap the falling beats. Unfortunately, this is incredibly infuriating to do, as the beats are incredibly fast and input isn't very accurate, so even hitting it right on might not count. An interesting game idea for sure, but probably could've used more time to bake.

A very cute monster girl game where you raise monster girls to do battle against other monster girls. There's hardly any animation but the art style is cute, and the bobbing sprites are hecka adorable. The monster girls fight the enemy automatically, where you can lead them to different targets or use their skills. Personally as you'll have quite a few monster girls who are all tiny on the screen with a bunch of other tiny monster girls on the same screen, it's difficult to keep track of them and therefore difficult to tap the one you want to use the skill of, so you might as well leave the game running the skills automatically. With all the different items and systems in place, it's a bit complex for those who don't understand Japanese. I personally can't enjoy the game, mostly because I just never get into these kind of monster breeding games, so I'm hopeful there's some good in this one fans of such games enjoy that I just can't see.

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There's apparently an English version of the game called "Colorful Mystery Days: Match 3" on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it appears to be region locked, as the game says it's unavailable in my country (USA). 
I tried downloading an APK from APKPure and got to the title screen, but then the game hangs on the following loading screen. Not sure whether the game knows I'm in the wrong region and is preventing me from progressing past the title screen, or if the APK itself has problems, or if the game itself is no longer in service and thus can't load anything as a result. The last one seems unlikely seeing as it's still easily searchable on the store.
Still, it seems I can't play the English version, so at least I still have the Japanese version. Kind of a shame but I'll manage like I usually do. Just wanted to let anyone else hitting the same roadblock know they're in the same boat! Thanks for reading, good day.
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