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Similar to a previous favorite of mine going by the name Cat Atelier on the English Google Play Store, Color Pieceout is another story-driven Match-3 game with elements of detective-esque mystery solving. The game's overall style reminds me of the Professor Layton series, complete with a western setting and anime cutscenes. The protagonist Lily is heckin' adorable, and also very animated outside the cutscenes despite mostly being shown as a static sprite. Many other characters have nice animation as well. The music fits the bill for the setting and calm, puzzling gameplay. Gameplay-wise, its your typical Match-3 mobile puzzle game with hardly any unique aspects outside of the detective elements outside of puzzles, which can easily be compared to Ace Attorney. I don't think the generic gameplay takes away from the game's visual appeal, so if any of the mentioned games suit your fancy, I reckon Color Pieceout will too!



Front to back, side to side, this cube is flying! Starlight looks pretty simple yet spacey, with everything being represented by lines and shapes. Thankfully, the minimal visuals work in favor with the incredibly simple gameplay. The music and sound effects... not so much, as they're honestly ear-grating after a short while. The gameplay only takes a tap, but the variety in level design, paired with open space that you might accidentally send the blue cube hurling towards or the killer red barriers and objects blocking your flight and line paths, mixed with the occasional oddity like a green line that warps the blue cube elsewhere, all make for plenty of fun, interesting, and difficult challenges that feel well worth tackling. Unfortunately the game is often interrupted by 30-second ad breaks, which can get annoying depending on your patience. Still, it's a very nice puzzle... platformer? Kinda sorta, it's a nice puzzle game nonetheless.

Pokemon Rumble Rush


Pokémon Rumble on mobile devices! The visuals are what you might expect from the Rumble games, with a couple of graphical options in the event your device can't handle hi-res low-poly goodness. Heck, my resolution was toned down to the point where it basically resembled a 3DS screen, truly the intended Rumble experience! Sound effects should also be very familiar to Rumble veterans, as many of the sounds are returning including some music. Gameplay is more or less similar to other Rumble games, with the main objective to take out the big Boss Pokémon at the end. The road to get there is literally a straight line this time, and the Pokémon moves automatically while you handle everything from attacking to dodging to swapping Pokémon. The story is virtually nonexistent, just a means to get you catching Pokémon. Thereby hardly any incentive to pay for anything, unless you're impatient, and there's no stamina system beyond needing feathers to find new stages. It's a solid mobile game!

I very much enjoyed the anime and movie, as well as the one Manga volume I have of this, so I'm quite glad the game is pretty good! The environments are nothing to write home about, but the same could be said for World of Warships, which thus game's presentation sorta reminds me of. The ship AIs and ships themselves are represented really well in 3D, and the animations and Skills are very wonderful. The music is pretty great, especially during battle. Only the ships are voiced and there isn't full VA during cutscenes, which is fine by me since that means less downloading. Gameplay is, unfortunately, semiautomatic with the option of full automation. It actually reminds me of the most recent Girls und Panzer mobile game, albeit with only 3 ships and it being real-time instead of turn-based. If you enjoyed that Girls und Panzer game, this one is essentially the same but on the sea, with a touch of Azur Lane UI and menu inspiration. I quite like it!

This is... certainly not a good game. If we can even call it that. First off, I DID watch this show, so go figure the one I actually watched has a bad mobile game. Though calling it a "game" is being VERY generous. EVERYTHING YOU DO, the game slaps you with a loading screen. Pressing any button, walking through a quest, you'll just constantly be blasted by loading screens. Oh, you found a dupe, here's a loading screen. Oh, you tripped over a raid boss, stop the quest you're currently on to fight it (after some loading screens). And how do you "play?" By not doing anything. It's the most automatic of auto-battlers. There's hardly if any gameplay at all. The units you get are used only for raid bosses, and you still pretty much do nothing there. On top of all that is the low quality visuals, there's really no point to playing this game at all. Could it even improve from its launch state...?



This is a rhythm shooter hybrid game that's actually in English! Always a nice thing. Unfortunately I can't say much good about the game itself. As "rhythm shooter" for a genre name suggests, the game plays like a typical sidescrolling shooter game where holding the screen moves the character as well as fires endlessly so long as the screen is pressed. There's not much visually going on, all the characters and backgrounds look pretty simple and the UI is just as simple. Thankfully it at least has pretty good music to listen to while blasting away enemies. There are parts where the shooting stops and an actual rhythm game pops up where you have to tap the falling beats. Unfortunately, this is incredibly infuriating to do, as the beats are incredibly fast and input isn't very accurate, so even hitting it right on might not count. An interesting game idea for sure, but probably could've used more time to bake.

KarDia tou ABel


A very cute monster girl game where you raise monster girls to do battle against other monster girls. There's hardly any animation but the art style is cute, and the bobbing sprites are hecka adorable. The monster girls fight the enemy automatically, where you can lead them to different targets or use their skills. Personally as you'll have quite a few monster girls who are all tiny on the screen with a bunch of other tiny monster girls on the same screen, it's difficult to keep track of them and therefore difficult to tap the one you want to use the skill of, so you might as well leave the game running the skills automatically. With all the different items and systems in place, it's a bit complex for those who don't understand Japanese. I personally can't enjoy the game, mostly because I just never get into these kind of monster breeding games, so I'm hopeful there's some good in this one fans of such games enjoy that I just can't see.

Another game about a series I know next to nothing about, Detective Conan Runner feels a little bit like a super simplified Sonic Runners with levels instead of being an endless runner. Yes, kinda like that Gameloft sequel nobody liked. The game has Conan and a partner dashing through stages collecting shiny things and avoiding hazards. The visual style matches the anime, though the in-game chibi art all look pretty similar due to all of them using the exact same running animation. Endlessly. They do have a unique animation when using skills when they're SR or SSR though. Gameplay is very simple as Conan runs automatically and the player only needs to jump and use his or his partner's skills. The gacha is on the pricey side and a bit annoying since there's helper allies, running partners, and Conan's you can get. Personally it's too simple a game, perhaps best for younger players.

Enkan no Kotowari


A free Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record April Fools spin-off game where some characters from the game engage in sports day events, a very typical venture if you don't mind the Witches. Three games can be played, which involve sprinting away from a Witch, shot putting a Kyubey orb, and beating down a Witch tower. The graphics are fairly simple, with all of the characters sharing the same body and animations and Witch sprites taken directly from the original game. The music and sound are also simple, with no voice acting. Gameplay is extremely simple but pretty dumb, especially shot put which requires you to draw circles with your finger to build up strength. Obviously the game lacks a story and there's no microtransactions since it's just for the day, but there is a chance to win an actual trophy if you score really high and follow the official game's Twitter. Besides that, it's worth a play just for the hilarity of shot putting.

Is it actually called shot put?

Granblue Fantasy


This is probably the highest I'll ever rate a game on QooApp. If you must play one singular mobile game, I will, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend Granblue Fantasy above all else. This game is packed to the brim with years worth of content, consistently amazing art, fantastic music, tons of wonderful voice acting, a full English translation kept up to date at all times, tons and tons of characters/weapons/summons, tons of classes, and is hecka fun to play on top of all that. While the game is chock full of cutscenes, the necessity to grind being readily apparent, the UI and many features being overwhelming to newcomers (I don't even understand half of it and I've been playing for half a year), and many more minor things, I feel it's absolutely worth the trouble for some fantastic story and characters. The crossover content is incredibly strong, too! It's easily the #1 mobile game folk outta play (it's also available on PC web browser)!

I don't know anything about the source material (seems to be a running theme), but this is a clicker game (more like a dragger game) featuring characters from Trinity Seven. The visuals are pretty bland, though the artwork on the cards you can obtain are pretty good. Characters are also animated in cutscenes, complete with opening and closing mouths. Which isn't saying much, considering there's only canned responses and no full voice acting, not to mention the voices and mouths aren't in sync. Music and general sfx are bland. Gameplay consists of dragging your finger across the screen to collect orbs that deal damage. Tapping the play area drops more orbs, and you can also use unlockable skills, set allies to automatically attack, and equip tools/weapons to boost yourself. That's about it. The gacha gets you girls in the form of cards that you can equip up to 6 of. It's no different than the many similar style games besides the Trinity Seven skin.



Alright, so in this game, you play as a Robo Maid fighting the Perverted Demon Lord as he tries to get his hands on your Princess's panties. I... I don't know. The characters are not animated, the most "animated" character being the Demon Lord himself, who during gameplay, constantly tries to distract you or make the game harder by popping in and out, barfing or... farting panties and dirty briefs onto the screen. Gameplay entails you collect more panties than the enemy within 60 seconds, so it's basically a clicker game disguised as a battle minigame. This becomes more obvious when it comes to upgrading your Robo Maid to handle tougher battles and to collect Power without playing. Sound is painfully generic, both music and sound effects. And possibly the most offensive thing this game does, even worse than flashing a naked demon crotch at you, is obscuring a tiny portion of the bottom part of the play area with an ad. Unforgivable.

I rate the Storyline 5 smileys.

How to Keep a Mummy


Take care of a tiny adorable mummy as you unpack a bunch of boxes full of stuff locked behind puzzles! The gameplay is very standard when it comes to mobile Match-3 games, with the only real uniqueness going into the 3D graphics featuring a tiny mummy of your very own! Give it a name and watch it as it casually plays around with all the junk scattered about your house. When you're not doing that, engage in puzzles to unlock more stuff for your mummy to play with. Again, fairly simple, but neat for fans of the anime/manga. I'm sure they would've preferred a simulation game though... eh. I do have to note that the game is strangely intensive, and I've experienced several visual bugs such as black splotches, long loading times, and game crashes. Restarting usually fixes most of the problems, but they're more than frequent. The music is also very generic, and there's not much to hear beyond that and the puzzle sounds. Not impressive or amazing in the slightest, but just okay in my book.

Azur Lane (EN)


Azur Lane is a sidescrolling shooter where you take a team of up to 6 ships, 3 on vanguard and 3 in the main fleet, and attack waves of enemy ships. The art is beautiful, especially the art found on the title screen and loading screens, while the chibi characters look adorable. Sound isn't much to write home about, though the game has quite a bit of voice acting. The gameplay is quite fun, allowing you to enjoy actually playing the game when facing tough foes while also allowing you to leave the game on auto pilot should the task be too easy and repetitive. The biggest downfall for me personally is the story and characters, they just aren't interesting in the slightest and most of the characters are too obsessed with the player character even when you haven't raised their affection at all, making this a genuine waifu game which I'm not a big fan of. Nevertheless, I very much enjoy the gameplay so I put up with it, and collecting a bunch of different ships is fun too.

I'm not too familiar with the series (the only game I played was Peach Beach Splash), but this is another auto-battler based off an established franchise. The character models and animations are high quality, I reckon they look just about as good as the console games they originate from. None of the music really stood out to me, so I'm pretty indifferent on sound quality. The gameplay is standard auto-battler, where you can use skills and... yeah, they do the rest. There's a link system where characters compliment one another and receive buffs, as well as a final group attack you can trigger that grants you more post-mission rewards. The gacha is also pretty standard, granting the same couple of characters with different outfits (that you can change to your liking) and stats. While pretty, it's not innovating on the auto-battler front, though it's definitely a nice game for Senran Kagura fans.

Didn't get to watch the anime yet (I really want to!), but I played this. The game is an auto-battler with a few neat things mixed in to liven up the typical formula. But first, visuals. Honestly, the chibi models are way better than the Live2D-esque cutscene models, the latter looking very very... wrong. I guess it's easier to say that other mobile games use Live2D for anime characters way better than this one. The animation for the chibi characters is really good though. The music is FANTASTIC, can't say much else on that front besides it's really heckin' good. The gameplay has a full party of 6, broken up into duo's who you can swap between. You not only fight baddies, but also hack open doors or shut down security systems. Taking too long raises the alert level, but you can use items to speed things up. It makes the game feel more strategic compared to your typical auto-battler. It definitely feels like a slight step up above the mountain of auto-battlers in terms of gameplay.

Mega Miracle Force


If you like Disgaea, there's a very similar mobile game called Makai Wars that's been out for a while and has far more charm and personality than Mega Miracle Force... which isn't saying much. The in-game humanoid characters all look like they're using the exact same animations, which makes shorter characters look off in comparison to the more average-sized characters. Most artwork is taken directly from the source games, including portraits and CGs. There's really not much to say about the sound, but I'd rather have the game on mute if that says anything. Gameplay is harmed by the need to grind and lack of visual appeal in animations and effects. It's an overall bland game as I said previously, and not something I'd recommend at the moment. Hopefully it'll get updated and end up better in the long run, but that's not the case at launch.

BanGDream GBP features 25 characters, 5 of each belonging to one of the game's 5 bands. They are depicted using Live2D, rather nicely at that, and also as chibi's that are also well animated. The music spans from original content to cover songs of many different popular songs, and the list is constantly updated as new events occur every week. The gameplay is typical of the mobile rhythm game genre, though personally it's the music that keeps me coming back. However, I do find the game difficult to play at times, so it's highly recommended you play on a smaller device like a smartphone for the best experience. There's a main story following all the bands putting together a cooperative concert, as well as stories for each band and even more stories for events, all fully voiced. The gacha is rather expensive and F2P players will have a tough time getting enough for a full pull. Overall, it's definitely a great rhythm game for BanGDream fans!

Pluck It is an odd one for sure, but one I recommend people play instead reading a review about it. It's a short and entertaining journey through feelings and emotions through a simple gameplay mechanic. What you gather from it I suppose is up to the individual playing, but one thing as someone who's touchy on gameplay that I should mention is the near lack of gameplay. While minimal gameplay is certainly not a bad thing, the fact that what little gameplay there is is quite unresponsive is certainly noteworthy. The actual plucking of it can be a pain most of the time, since you seen to grab it with two fingers and drag slowly to pluck it. But it's hit or miss whether or not the game will read your fingers correctly or not, sometimes sending it blasting off in different directions or letting go of it even though you didn't take your fingers off the screen. This is the only criticism I can give the game though, it's otherwise a pleasantly short experience well worth a playthrough.

Ge, ge, gegege no ge!

Go to war with an army of Yōkai lead by the titular Gegege no Kitaro! If you've played Battle Cats or other similar games, this is that but with an adorable Gegege no Kitaro skin based off the little Kitaro emojis that occasionally appear in the 2018 anime. No, really, there isn't much else new about this game. They even keep the fact you're going over a literal world map, except it seems to be confined to Japan for the most part (mayhaps I haven't played far enough). Everything else is pretty much Battle Cats, so if you're a fan of Gegege no Kitaro and Battle Cats, this is a no brainer. It's also freakin' adorable, in case you didn't get it yet.

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There's apparently an English version of the game called "Colorful Mystery Days: Match 3" on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it appears to be region locked, as the game says it's unavailable in my country (USA).

I tried downloading an APK from APKPure and got to the title screen, but then the game hangs on the following loading screen. Not sure whether the game knows I'm in the wrong region and is preventing me from progressing past the title screen, or if the APK itself has problems, or if the game itself is no longer in service and thus can't load anything as a result. The last one seems unlikely seeing as it's still easily searchable on the store.

Still, it seems I can't play the English version, so at least I still have the Japanese version. Kind of a shame but I'll manage like I usually do. Just wanted to let anyone else hitting the same roadblock know they're in the same boat! Thanks for reading, good day. Read Note
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