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Rejoice degenerates! This is the game you've been waiting for! Loveless? No problem. You can "talk" with your waifu in game after you're done solving puzzles. Seriously though, this game is just your typical matching puzzle game with waifus as mascot. If you like this type of game then go play it as it is technically just a stress reliever.

Great game but not appreciated by many as there is few to no advertising. Only flaw is that it is redundant.

Shiny Colors horserace edition with a tweak of canned coal's rng system.

Blue Archive | Japanese


Technically an improvised Cafe Gun Girls.

Assault Lily Last Bullet


Technically a better SINoALICE game.

The only saving grace of this game is its art.
Music is decent but not catchy to help improve the mood of playing.
Gameplay is unique compared to most mobile games but it is boring.
No cool animation.
Units can't be on standy if there's no action available and is forced to attack into nothingness just to have a turn.

Blue Oath | Japanese


Abyss Horizon mk.II.
Canned Coal arcade on mobile.



The art looks like it was made by Wakaki Tamaki.
The gameplay is non existent as it's more like a simulator but the songs are good. Well, it's technically a game to train real fresh seiyus so...

It never bores me as it all got the elements I wanted in a rpg game. It is like priconne and kirarafantasia in one which doesn't eat too much space...for now that is. lol. Hope it won't be like these aforementioned two which are known to be space eaters.

Easy at first yet it gets complicated as you progress and somehow fun even though the gameplay is simple uhm like a modded Battle Cats: It's just sending units to your opponent while countering their wave at the same time.
Cute units w/ reasonable gacha. Good enough to pass time.

Simple yet addicting.
Tomoe also boosts its charm to me. I originally play the game before during its release stage but quit since my phone's memory dont't have enough space then forgot about the game name when I got a new phone and thankfully the anime showed up then remembered. Now I'm back playing and the game is now more fun than before.

I hope this would spread the popularity of the series. It's not popular in my homeland which is kind of sad whereas idol wannabes w/ only waifus and saving their school is their selling point is so popular.

I'm just here for Mashiro. I just hope that this would be more fun than the grindhell GuP game.

Now, everyone will learn why Hatsume is best spy.
EDITED: As of March 31, 2020. The game is dead I mean, it ended its service.

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The game works..unless The game is working properly except if you are using a potato phone. So the other option is to use an emulator. Don't blame Bandai as it is not their fault that you got potato phone.  Read Note
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