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another battle cats like game thats all.

World Flipper


this game is fair and very grindy game IF you are not into grind stuff then skip this game, the gacha rate is 5% for 5* characters so to me its pretty good. For gameplay well you are simply playing a pinball game with rpg elements.

like the other reviewers said.... its better to play Another Eden than this one and i agree with them, mostly if you are a fan of active battle then play this game but if you are a turn-based fan then go another eden.



good game but you need a very stable internet connection thats all i had to say since other reviewers already pointed out the game mechanics.

i enjoyed it and never lags on my side.

*UPDATE* fair game i must say, initial dl size is 1.4gb(at high graphics) the battle is pretty active also in some cases you have to think fast and precise your timing on unleashing your skills to keep your combos up and running, the higher the combo the more bonus damage you can inflict.

*old post*
game service starts tomorrow april 23 at 19:30(japan time)so for now you can download the data files of the game, ill give low ratings for now will update as soon the service is available.

*update* all animated scenes whether it is from event or main story will automatically deleted once you close the app to save storage space props from them for doing so. If you want to watch the anime scene again you have to redownload it. The current full game data is 6.6gb at least on my storage device it might different to other players depending on what content they choose to download.

ps. you don't need VPN to play this game, also mama kokoro is the best.

Last Cloudia | Japanese


initial download size is 618mb but after the "extractions" while playing tutorial the total size will change to 1.45gb both data and cache included, take note don't clear cache for this game or else you will redownload the files again or might get errors.



if you want to play an easy game that can be played by one hand then this is your game.

just a heads up... if you are not a fan of heavy grinding then pass this game, in order to move to the next stage you have to clear 100 floors of 1st stage.

since this is part of april fool's joke game... then ill also put an april fools joke game rating.

my original rating will be (if not april fool's day)
Graphics: 3
Sound: 3
gameplay : 3
storyline : 4
value : 1


Grimms Echoes | Japanese


ok, so i played it.... tbh its a nice game with star ocean(console) feel like battle gameplay though for whatever reason even i have a good phone when in-battle the battle is somewhat going slow-mo(i dunno if it has something to do with device compatibility) though its understandable since its just still new and hopefully sooner or later the devs will adjust the game for a better smooth gameplay. Overall its a good game and if you can handle the slow-mo(sometimes) battles then please continue, maybe some of you got a very high specs device that can easily bypass the lags and such then you have yourself a very quality game.

Disgaea RPG


disgaea rpg: the maintenance game.

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