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Honest reviews since devs think they can get away with anything.
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Honest reviews since devs think they can get away with anything.
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Idle Angels


Game doesn't even open anymore so don't waste your time. They'll push out an update without any warning (seriously, it's 2022, put up a splash screen saying the server is under maintenance or something instead of just crashing the app) which will force you to uninstall and reinstall the app. And even then, there's no guarantee that will even work.

All the while, since this is an idle game, you will be missing out on idle rewards, daily tasks, and if you're in your first 7 days of the game like I was, you'll miss out on finishing those 7 day tasks before the timer runs out.

The devs won't offer to compensate you for your time or resources lost. They just respond to your email with the same copy-paste BS every crappy customer service rep gives:
"Sorry for the inconvenience, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? Or restarting your device? Or [insert obvious thing anyone would have tried already]."

This is just a crappy idle gacha that has the same problems as every other idle gacha out there right now: poor handling of servers and updates, horrible customer service, and next to no proper communication with the playerbase. The only benefit this game has is the fan service in the amount of cleavage some angels show. If you don't play this while you're horny, you'll see how absolutely mediocre it really is.



Game looks beautiful, but it's just an Epic Seven clone with just as bad if not worse drop rates. I did the 40 selective summon and saw Melavi ONE time. Statistically, that's absolute BS. What's even the point of limiting the SELECTIVE summon? Just let us summon until we get the team we want. Putting a limit on it is stupid.

Anyway, if you've played Epic Seven, you've played this too. Nothing special, just the same old gacha garbage with a new coat of paint.

not bad

Heroes of Crown | English


core hero system sucks. they have the same level cap as regular 5 star heroes, but they have stronger stats and are harder to summon for just because the devs say so. there's no point in raising any non-core hero as they'll just become useless later (if you ever CAN manage to pull a core hero).

Also, the voice acting is very bad in a lot of places. like wtf is up with Daughter of the Sea? "wHy dId YoU lIe tO mE?!" I'm sorry but it sounds very poorly recorded and her voice is shrill and annoying. other characters like Heimdall or abyone with a deep voice sounds ridiculously generic, like you got Stan from down the street to record these lines after work. i get that an effort was probably made, but it just isn't good.

Merge Girls : Idle RPG


Edit: servers are straight doo doo right now. I can't tap anything without getting the infinite loading glitch, and Gamepub isn't responding to reviews or support tickets. Maybe don't waste your time with this game. At least until they fix the servers.

The game itself is fine. You auto-merge soul stones until you get two level 10 ones. Merge those together for a new hero (i.e. the gacha). It's a fun system.

I'm giving a low rating because Gamepub doesn't know how to handle app updates to save their life. Most apps will prompt you to update the game before you can even make it past the title screen. This game doesn't. So when I logged on today, I received ZERO idle rewards after idling for about 7 hours the previous night. I had the same 5b gold I had the night before. I tried to update and reopen the game to see if that would give me my idle rewards and still nothing.

If every other game can tell you to update before you play, why can't you all follow suit. I don't want to play an idle game where I don't get idle rewards because the devs can't program a simple "please update your app" screen. You already had an update 1 day after your play store release, so I wouldn't be surprised if this keeps happening every week. Fix the way you handle updates so your players don't suffer because of your mistakes.

I hate games that give you a wishlist, then proceed to shower you with heroes NOT on that wishlist. I hate games that up the price for event summons (with NO guaranteed good hero in a 10x summon), make those event summons mandatory to progress and get event rewards, then give you 6 R heroes and 4 SR from a faction you don't even use. I hate games that have ridiculously crappy summon rates in general.

This game has all of that. The rates for SSR is abysmal, but when you do pull one it'll be something that wasn't on your wishlist and is utterly useless. Free to play will be stuck after the awards from the first week dry up.

They tried some gold rush event, but you need new players to enter your code and there just aren't enough new players doing this. Other events have you completing a checklist with tasks that disappear after 24 hours, so either use your gems to do that event summon or miss out on those rewards forever.

The only good thing about this game is the graphics. The ultimate animations are nice and there are a lot of skins you can buy (and some "free" ones). Everything else is painfully average and nothing you can't find in any other idle game out there.

Every Farm


Game closes because of a "security policy" within 5 seconds of opening the app

The game keeps crashing after the guardian or whatever gives me the ball and shield. I don't even get a chance to play before the game force closes on me every time.

Clash Of Sky丨English


Update 5: Game is dead. It's been months since I've heard back from tetania or Colby, so Customer Service is completely ignoring me. This game's servers got hacked twice (once in April, again in May) and there's no telling what information the hackers got since the devs don't COMMUNICATE WITH US. Go look at tetania's posted notes for how they handle their servers being hacked. They release gift codes that don't work, they don't try to fix the codes at all, they don't tell us what info the hackers got, and now they've gone completely radio silent. Even the facebook page is dead as the last update was in March. It's gotten to the point where they've even asked users to give them fake positive reviews to artificially boost the game's rating. Just look through the most recent Global comments. You'll see a ridiculous amount of 5 star scores with a single emoji in the review or one word like "fun" or "game". It's so blatant that it's actually kind of sad.

This dev team does not care about you at all. It's so obvious when you look at how they've treated their players since the game released and how they don't give a damn if their game works or not. I personally want to see this game shut down and for the devs to be sued for using the Grandcypher and other stolen assets to make money for themselves. Then again, if this really is one of those cheap Chinese booba games, they'll probably face zero consequences, then disappear and reappear with the same BS at a later date. Regardless, steer clear of this dumpster fire. There are multiple games on here with even more fanservice and actual engaging gameplay. This one ain't it.

Update 4: Still no response or status update on my account being wrongfully locked, but I did learn that this game uses stolen assets. The flying ship on the splash screen is the Grandcypher from Granblue Fantasy. This company shamelessly takes assets that other artists have worked hard to make, and just copies and pasted it into their s**t. If they sue the hell out of you I'm going to laugh. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

At least now I understand what happens when you really don't budget your game properly. You end up with 3 sound effects in the whole game, god awful music, and gameplay so boring and uninspired that you have to make your characters half-naked (or more) for anyone to even bat an eye at your game. Half the characters are probably stolen from another game that you're hoping nobody finds out about. Who can know for sure? It's not like you respond to your players anyway, especially when they come to you repeatedly with a problem.

Update 3: They've accused me of using illegal programs/cheating? In a crappy idle game nobody's even heard of?? From this nobody developer who gets off from banning accounts for no reason???

If you put even half the effort into the game that you put into unjustly banning accounts, maybe this game would have more than 3 voice lines and you'd have an actual decent budget.

Either tell me what illegal programs you detected me using, or unban my account and apologize for being an @$$ throughout this entire ordeal.

Update 2: I've confirmed that the dev(s) locked my account specifically for no reason and refuses to respond to my asking for a reason. You're really going to suspend my account when I haven't cheated at all in your game (it literally JUST released) just because you don't like the way I call out your lack of communication. Stop being a coward and respond to me: why is my account locked? Give me a reason instead of blocking my account and running away like a little b***h. If you can't simply communicate with your players, you have absolutely no business being a mobile game dev, or a game dev in general.

Update 1: I can no longer log in. It tells me "Skywalker account is locked". I've tried on WiFi and data. Either there's a new issue that needs to be addressed, or you're purposely locking out accounts that call out your crappy customer service since it doesn't seem like a connection problem. Very poor experience with this game and developer so far...

Blade Girl: Idle RPG


like everyone else, I'm getting connection issues for no reason. can't log back into the game after closing it. i just get stuck on the title screen.

Just checked the Play Store and the game isn't even available in the US? The game contents are already translated to English, so why can't we play? Doesn't make any sense but it sucks 👎

Figure Fantasy | English


This is a downright horrible game experience, and I'll explain why.

Graphics are excellent. All of the models, figures, special effects, etc look really nice. There's also graphics options so it can run well on most devices.

Sound, especially the music, is amazing. The event song for Ihrendts' Work and the song in the Tasks mode are incredibly catchy. I usually kept the JP voices very low and the English voices are not good, but that's minor.

Gameplay is exactly what you'd expect from an idle gacha game. There's a lot of different modes at least, so it'll keep you busy.

I skipped the story constantly so idk anything about it.

So why is the game horrible? The service. The game constantly runs into connection issues. Even going from the main menu to level up your character will leave you stuck in a 10 second loading screen before booting you back to the main menu without saving any of your changes (assuming you could even MAKE any changes). You can have perfect wifi and the game will STILL kick you out randomly, or just choose to not let you log in for days. Now imagine you pay real money for the pack that gives you daily gems, or you're trying to collect materials to upgrade your characters, but you miss out on like a week's worth because the game had connection issues, and they don't even compensate you for what you missed. Imagine how frustrating that would be :)

It wouldn't be all bad if the customer support wasn't hands down the WORST support i've ever dealt with in a game. After bringing up the wifi connection issues in a review and explaining how it wasn't a fault with my connection (since other games worked perfectly fine on wifi), I was told to "switch between 4G and wifi networks" to fix the problem, or message them directly in-game. Switching didn't help me connect, so I tried messaging customer support in-game. They told me to "switch between 4G and wifi networks" to fix the problem. You can see where this can be frustrating.

I tried to ask for help on the official Discord server. Yuki, the Discord's Customer Support, told me to "please try to use vpn" to connect to the game. Since when does someone need a VPN to play a game that's officially released in their country? I don't need a VPN to play any other game in the play store/qooapp. I don't even need a VPN to play Final Gear, a game published BY THE SAME COMPANY. When I called out this BS advice, I was told to "make sure [I] log in to the game on the server in [my] region".

This company doesn't care about its players. Their customer service is a completely unhelpful joke and they will keep copy and pasting the same answer, swearing up and down that it'll solve your problem, instead of actually reading your message and actively looking into the problem. Every week, you can find somebody else who is having this same exact connection problem, and you can bet Yuki is there to spew the same unhelpful garbage every single time.

If you want to look at pretty figures on a not-terrible UI, maybe you'll get something out of this game. Otherwise, please play any other idle gacha game out there. Not even Hatsune Miku is work the headache that this game and it's horrendous service will put you through, I guarantee it.



This game just isn't fun. The main gameplay concept of sliding around character tiles to make combos in a set amount of time is a really cool idea, but it's executed so poorly here. It's impossible to build combos and dodge enemy attacks at the same time, so good luck getting 3 stars on any stage. You either focus on dodging and chip away at the enemy, or focus on your dance combos and risk losing your hp. If there was a phase for you to attack and a phase strictly for dodging, that'd be better.
The long comversations between each stage is also extremely annoying. Most games have an easy skip button in the corner, but this one makes you sit through walls of text before you can begin the next stage (or the skip button is just hidden somewhere).
Artwork is meh, not really my style. Others may enjoy it though.
Sound is pretty good, and the music is better than the gameplay.

it's a fun little idle game with lewd characters. chibi animations are a little choppy, but nothing deal breaking.

Edit: ok, after playing for over a week, I've gotta say this game is not polished at all. It almost plays like a beta release.
- Red dots will show up even if there's nothing to claim, yet they won't show up when there IS something you can claim.
- Half of the time, the elemental dungeons will say "event not open" even when the tower is clearly opened.
- The bubble mini game has the most horrible physics I've ever seen. You can aim perfectly at any number and your ball will still bounce around completely randomly and land wherever it feels like.
- Every single character has a skin with white hair and red eyes. Other than there being zero creativity between those skins, it makes every character look the same. Makes upgrading characters a massive pain.
- These are the WORST gacha rates I've ever seen. You get a pity at 100 summons, but there's no guaranteed SR from a 10x summon. You'll often end up getting 9 N heroes and 1 R from a 10 pull. The N heroes can be decomposed to buy R heroes or a very limited amount of summon tickets per week. Nowhere near enough to keep the game interesting imo.

In short, there are definitely better idle gacha games out there. The best thing about this game is the lewd anime art style. Everything else is below sub-par.

Good luck downloading this on QooApp as the apk seems to be broken. I had to download from the play store and honestly it's not that good. It's a lot like Priconne both gameplay and feature wise, but not as far as quality goes. All characters in battle and in the Hero screen are chibis, which is fine if you like that, but I'm tired of seeing chibis EVERYWHERE in these games. The character portraits themselves are great, but the chibis are a huge quality downgrade. You can upgrade your heroes' level, star level, gear, runes, and soldiers, but the game doesn't tell you what to mainly focus on to get stronger. For example, you'll upgrade your soldiers for a miniscule strength increase which doesn't really affect the battle at all, making you wonder what the point is in the first place.
Game uses energy and skip tickets. You can only skip a level a certain number of times before you need to pay GEMS to refresh it (or wait until the next day) so also good luck upgrading your runes. The gacha is a shard gacha, so you're paying gems and tickets to get PIECES of a character, with a very low chance at a full character itself. More power to you if that's your thing.
My biggest gripe is the login rewards. There's currently a 7-day sign-in event for newcomers on top of the normal daily sign in. Maybe it's a glitch, but after signing in every day so far I could receive the Day 3 rewards from the newcomer event (which is only 2 summon tickets, what a joke), but I was restarted to Day 1 of the normal daily sign in. How can I simultaneously be on Day 1 AND Day 3 at the same time???
It's little glitches like that, along with the lack of communication from the devs, that made me uninstall this game and just play Priconne instead. It really is basically the same game with different characters and less polish. Feel free to try it out if you want (or if you even can), but in my opinion this game needs some overhauls before it's worth it.

I can't play the game unless I give it permission to make phone calls? I can understand needing access to the camera for saving photos and screenshots, but a merge game doesn't need access to my phone calls at all, so that's very sketchy to me.

Princess Tale


Edit: So the devs decided to do maintenance in the middle of an event (the Rose collecting), but now their servers are unstable and I'm unable to connect at all. I checked my connection but every other app and game on my device works just fine. Now I'm missing out on 2 days of potential idle rewards and roses through no fault of my own. This is beyond stupid. If I put any money into this game I'd be even more pissed off, so I can imagine how other players in a similar situation must feel. Either do maintenance between events or fix your servers so everyone can play again. I can't rate this game high if I can't even play it.

This is my favorite type of idle game, but some mechanics are still glitchy. None of the taunts work properly, so characters like Margaret can't actually tank damage properly and my other characters end up dying. Also, i don't know what's going on with Kate's AI, but when she tries to "uppercut the enemy with the lowest defense", she ends up running around the entire field hitting an enemy once, moving onto another, hitting them once again, etc, instead of only uppercutting the lowest defense and attacking that same enemy afterwards. And no, she isn't under any type of CC (fear, blind, etc). Please fix this simple issue, especially before the Play Store release.

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Garbage, broken "game" Latest update made the game unable to open. I cleared the cache, force stopped, reinstalled, restarted my phone, still broken. 
Getting really sick of QooApp specifically having these god awful game installations that break more often than they work.
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