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This is a very helpful app to used when playing GBF, but do you know what will make this app even more amazing?
Having a menu ENGLISH option, I don't want to be rude but a decent amount of GBF players read English.
Just saying, we're here too.

Would have have been a better off being a F2P console game.

Dragalia Lost


Do yourself a favor and download Granblue Fantasy. I don't recommend playing this game on phone because it will drain the life out of it.

Granblue Fantasy


I have been playing this game for 3 years non stop, I highly recommend this game if you truly loved fantasy games for its lore and world-building and continuity, this lore is truly something to experience.

Honestly my biggest negative about this amazing game as why does it take up so much space?

You can play this Game with your internet browser (Google search Granblue Fantasy and play it off of there), there's even an internet browser dedicated to playing Granblue Fantasy (SkyLeap) this game, honestly, I highly recommend playing this game using browsers instead of downloading this app.

For its quicker load time.

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