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I love RPG games and I'm Nintendo Fan. I follow anyone who interact!
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I love RPG games and I'm Nintendo Fan. I follow anyone who interact!
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KartRider Rush+ | Global


Gameplay is very fun and has a great flow šŸŽ®
The tracks have a Beautiful Level-Design.
There are a lot of customizations, I found the prices a little expensive, but you get a lot of free items if you play a lot, you will certainly be well rewarded šŸ¤©
I just got scared with the size of the game after downloading.
In the end, it's an Excellent Kart Game for mobile šŸ‘

Like other games of Level5, Use a Cute Graphics and Beauty UI

Soccer Spirits


I played so many years, Is incresible how it maintains alive šŸ¤©

A good graphics and A system of progression that rewards that is dedicated to knowing and understanding.
And this NEW REVAMP of the gameplay and the RPG system, This game is More Funny and Better to Progress šŸ‘

Now just left a Revamp of the Gameplay to a Action RPG and mainly... A ANIME šŸ˜­ PLEASE šŸ˜­ THIS GAME NEED A SEASON IN ANIME

RockMan X Dive | Japanese


This game is to the Truly Fans of Rockman Series.
Its simply have a Tons os Fanservice šŸ„°
In addition of a Classic X Gameplay with a Mobile Game Features šŸ‘Œ

A true Call of Duty game, with all the classic element of the series, added to constant Fanservices, makes this game almost mandatory for CoD fans, especially Multiplayer lovers (Like me šŸ¤©)

Dragon Raja | Global


Okay, I never thought I'd stick with an MMORPG šŸ˜³

Yes, What catches my attention the most is the Visual Presentation of the Game.
The setting that mixes Fantasy Places with the Modernity of Cities and Metropolis, And with the addition of an in-game Active Rich Lore, And yet the HUGE amount of activities, added to an incredible graphic look (Even playing at Low Graphics) and Finished with an Epic Soundtrack...

Every feature makes me have such Memorable Moments and such enjoyable gameplay šŸ„°

Inazuma Eleven SD


Simply use a cute graphics in general (3D Models, UI, Ambientation...) šŸ„°
I think this a good gameplay and progression system.

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