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Arknights | English


great game

Kemono Friends 3


Finally a good Kemono Friends game

just like Rockman X Dive im really surprised with how well made the game is

the gameplay is perfect, the music is amazing, and the overall look is great

Mega Miracle Force


amazing game



great game, and im sure things thats missing right now like voices in battle and such will be added with updates

a lot better than all the other fairy tail games so far

was waiting for the jp version to come out

love the game, just wish i had some translations on some things but other than that am having a lot of fun with the game

beautiful game, really amazing

am loving Smash Rising

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


best mobile game out

really amazing really

my only thing is i wish i would have started playing much earlier

so this time its food girls

and im already loving the game

Star Ocean: Anamnesis


one of the best mobile games

love senran kagura, love this game but sadly it crashes to much on my shield k1 keeping me from playing atm but great game besides that

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