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Black Screen after two install attempts. Requires Permissions to install apps itself? No, get off my tablet

it's not a bad game by all means. There were just a bunch of issues which made me uninstall it. I leveled to 5 before stopping to play entirely.
Controls are unresponsive, the joystick on the screen randomly loses focus. That makes the character go in random directions.
The translation is... well, it could be better. A lot of stats on Equipment are unreadable for not having enough space. Scaling itself seems to be a bit off within the UI causing some things getting pushed off the screen as well like the map or the pvp button covering half of the settings icon.

The System is interesting, I would love to play it but it really could need more polishing.

Another Eden | Global


So far the best Game I've ever played. Not a Overloaded UI, no annoying pop-ups telling you to buy this and that and ad-free. Not trying out Another Eden should be punishable [發火]
Only slightly negative point are the slow initial download speed. Took me around 30 minutes to get the game updated on first launch.

Note: If the Game appears to not be loading, give it some time. The progress actually is just poorly reflected by the loading bar. It does it's thing.

We all know what we're here for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Aurora Legend | English


Pre-registered for nothing, as 'there are no plans yet to release the game globally yet'.
Don't waste your time installing unless you live in US/CA or want to get past the strict region lock.



Fun game when you don't want to compete with others. Otherwise the thiccness of your wallet matters



Great game, sadly my Energy goes into negative after every Mission which is just annoying. Looking up on information came to nothing

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