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World Flipper | Global


I would give a good rating for the JP version but this? Nope. The option to reroll which is available in the original is deleted, I can't even use a name that I have been using normally in different games, also there're still a lot of bugs in the game. It's fine to play and enjoy the game without the need of VPN but I think this version is not worth spending money on

Nazo Girl


The overall game is not bad, I like reading and thinking about the cases, though, i feel that the questions are not really hard. Thr problem that make me rate this game low is that there are too many ads in the game. I'm fine if they add a few but having to watch ads every 5 mins is not a pleasure experience.

Sengoku Renka Zoom!


It's average, nothing too special, the action is smooth but still, not impressed ╮(╯3╰)╭ plus i don't like too much oppai ಠ_ಠ

Jurassic World Alive


I think this one could be a better pkm game than pkm GO, hope they will support more region

Very nice game, didn't expect them to release something like this at all, my kouhai is so cute in this [開心]

Spiritwish | Japanese


The whole game is okayish, the music is good but the story is meh in my opinion, gameplay is kinda grindy but you can get strong weapon and armor by defeating bosses, i would consider it p2w but if you're a casual player, i don't think that would be a problem, I suggest forming party so that you could farm more efficient



Don't listen to those Nexon hater, this is a nice game, the SSR rate is good enough and the costume is beautiful, hope Nexon will release a Japanese version of this.

World Flipper | Japanese


Unique gameplay, superb pixel artstyle, cant comment much about the sound since i usually turn down the volume. Stop giving out negative rating just because you can't by pass the VPN, this is a good game.

Tales of Wind


The game feels quite nice but the voice acting is bad af 😂

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