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Just here to enjoy anime waifus and rightly review games
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Just here to enjoy anime waifus and rightly review games
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5 years into the making this review will be from a player who has spent close to 6 years in this game on and off.

What to say this game has been part of every phone I've ever used besides the iPhone 4. My rating may be very high but that doesn't mean this is a great game its far from that. Its a very very addicting game ~ from the sound quality all the way to the GamePlay this game just makes u want to play it. The simple startup and tutorial after that its just beating your way through ranks and finding yourself a team you like but wait there's a catch! The meta yes the meta that'll gobble up all your efforts spit it out like its nothing your OP MegaPeka is now as good as a mini peka. The starting years were rough the game was still finding itself and the match making and the grind to lvl/meta ofc were horrid things. Getting to Master 1/2 which is peace of cake rn was the real deal back then. As a F2P you could only get so far honestly the horrible crate rates remain the same 2500gems for a legendary crate bruh fuk out here especially the prices of those gems. The BP system is really good and the only value you can get out of this game.

The game has changed over the years especially Clan Wars oof the days when you had to be good to be selected to partake in the wars gone, and now the plebs can get in on some action as well lol. Much needed implementation. I could talk on and on about how the matchmaking system needs improvements but then you'd lose that rage addiction to lose match after match but still continue playing to lose more.

Quitting the game and hearing the sound of someone else playing the game gets you relied up to play! That's just how they play with our pleasuremornes oof. We all leave but at the end we all eventually come back and leave again. Once you're down this hell hole you can't help but leave.

Considering that the tactical combat is just great in this game for years I've wondered why dont other gacha companies just make something similar but with hot and cute waifus instead!!

( ˙灬˙ )

CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta


i haven't really spent a lot of time yet but since i wanted the exclusive I'll give a short review on it. I've seen that JP servers shut down due to difficulties be that may that shouldn't influence our reviews.

Graphically the game is alright it seems like an old game which it is but its not unbearably bad its good for what it is. The UI on the other hand and the smoothest of the UI experience is great so far everything loads super fast and buttery smooth. Well optimized! The game has a click and slide gameplay that has auto support and 4x speed its fun clicking so I didn't feel like autoin during my shortrun but i can see that being something used much for grinding as you progress. The story subtitles are bit too small for my taste and the character models could also be better but the story so far is pretty interesting and who doesn't like killing zombies right? Kinda sad that I didn't receive much first time login rewards not even 1 10x? I'm like 17 days late to the launch but idk I felt a 10x should be given? ignoring the summon first pay later summon.

Overall I think it's worth checking out but can't say for sure if its worth sticking around so I haven't played it enough yet.

・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧

Tales of Luminaria another game in the tales series. I've been a fan of the tales series for awhile but have only played and completed 2 One being Tales of Berseria & Tales of Arise the sheer length and amount of things to do in these games is quite a lot but nonetheless they are always incredible.

Thus I had high hopes for this considering it was released soon after arise and the trailers and developer videos really made it seem like something big. (Also vertical my fav way to enjoy mobile games) My rating may not be quite so high but that does not mean I don't enjoy this game, but quite the opposite I think Tales of Luminaria is quite a good game, the gameplay may not be all that fancy and bein vertical one-handed use should be the main priority but at times with different characters using 2 might be more efficient. The gameplay on itself isnt great its just ok, the combat is repetitive and the move set depends on the costumes and weapons you acquire from the gacha, which on itself isn't brutal and offers good F2P value costing only 350Gems a summon. Yet the simple combat also keeps me playing clearing chapter after chapter just button mashing my game basically a simple hack & slash not very Tales but it works with the vertical aspect besides the at times awkward camera angles you may see.

The story has to be the strongest part and also the weakest part of luminaria. With a choice of multiple story arcs and characters it can always be refreshing but at the same time extremely dull due to the mediorce writings of multiple episodes and the cringe!! But that being said bravo for a fully voiced game including the NPCs and how you dont need to read blocks of text before engaging in the stage but the dialogue progresses as you continue to play a good and refreshing change from the basic VN style every gacha game adopts. Personally invested in Instructor Lesette's arc cause she looks like she's straight outta JoJo and hot asf [色色]. Cough cough I've so far played 4 episodes and they all had mediocre stories the voice acting is great in the cutscenes but the ingame ones aren't synced well so it can be somewhat dry.

Overall I would recommend ToL to anyone interested in an easy goin play at your own pace game, someone looking for a gacha rush well if you're really into collecting costumes and weapons sure go ahead but otherwise look elsewhere. Generally I think ToL is a recommended game from me and ignoring the overall mediocrity of the game one can still enjoy themself with a fully voiced cast and an easy to grasp gameplay.

( ̄︶ ̄)

[開心]World Flipper it really flipped me over with just how enticing it made a simple pinball game feel. I used to play pinball in arcades when I was still a young padawan. I always found it fun but not something that'll I'll want to play more than once or twice. World Flipper has stellar character designs and a very pleasing and polished UI making navigation easy. The Gacha rates aren't the best but they're okay just reroll a few times now since there extra compensation and rewards should get you around 3 multis. The story is very engaging and short precise cute bits are geeat! The scenes don't feel lengthy or dragged at all. Enjoying the story so overall. The fact that the game plays vertically is a major W for me! For some reason vertically games make me feel like I don't have to make a major commitment to the game and can be enjoyed casually. I understand there's a lot of controversy behind the difference between other regions but honestly that's a regular thing for gachas rn. Especially considering laws and regulations diff globally than Japanese/Chinese/Korean laws concerning games and gachas. I'm enjoying my time in the game playing it for the great artwork music and story the gacha is a side hassle thing. Worth trying out for anyone especially pixel art enthusiast! [哇噻]

幻塔 | 簡中版



[汗顏]Hello everyone it is I Dio..?

Before I review this game I'm goin to tell you how you can play this game if you're not Chinese! You should join the discord of the game since you'll find guides Chinese IDs and a lot of help to get into the acct as non Chinese. Also for those of you who still are having trouble after visiting the discord. Dm me on discord Cap_Yuno#5766 I have a account that'll give you the dets so u can sign in and play. Also dm if u cant find the server.

Anyway lets come down to the actual Review.

The gameplay is like a lot of other anime mobile games out there a dodge button that triggers qte one main attk & special button button 2 weapon switch button and a dash button. The game has a PC client as well as controller support. Its an MMORPG massive multiplayer game depending on your graphic settings you can upto 30 players or was it 80? Basically there multiple servers to choose from which means you and bunch of others might choose a similar server thus during your travels you'll see others around doing quests chests are shared so you wont have the trouble of chests theifs. The combat and movement felt smooth FPS options ranged from 25-30-45-60 I tried 30 & 60 both ran well. The combat is similar to PGR/Honkai rather than Genshin Impact for those of you wondering. You also gain access to vehicle and 2 Support JetPack / rockets etc. The game has a gacha system with really mediocre rates 0.75% on SSR with a 80 pull gurannteed SSR and extra materials from summoning so that later you can go to shop and acquire desired SSR. The game is pretty f2p so far the gacha characters basically act as a skin with special move and weapon SRs are just skins basically. Its fun to wonder around the open world but I can't say much for now since the game is in a buggy state rn. With graphics on some devices not rendering clothes and other surrounding items properly no matter what settings you are on. Be advised this varies from person to person some may not experience just graphics and have a smooth experience. I have for did experience this on my SD845 device but not on my SD870 device. The badly rendered clothes and surrounding and frame drops on weaker devices can be a bother but personally the enjoyable gameplay still made it fun & certainly barrable. Can't say much on story since I speak Chinese but it did keep me engaged the cut scenes and voice acting even though I didn't understand what was going on but developed an idea. So im figuring it'll be an alright story if it launchs globally, but I won't rate the story rn. The game offers tremendous value with better polish and work on character models since they still kinda feel dull and don't possess that wow factor niether the world itself. The game still needs a lot of polish to really bring that WOW factor and compete globally among its competitors in the MMO genre (not genshin). Overall it's both worth trying out and waiting for globally if the developers continue to work for a better tomorrow.

( ̄︶ ̄)

蔚藍檔案 | 國際版


This is the only review you'll need before playing. Everything else out there either blindly hates it cause it's nexon or salty cause the "gacha" can't stress this enough the gacha system wasn't FAIR! OMG IMAGINE the gacha system not fair couldn't be me. Anyway a proper review would light this game for its true qualities which was great compensation rewards well optimized with a few hiccups that are being addressed. The story is great which isn't common in gacha games much anymore. The Sensei Student relationship is very cute and actually interesting. The game pronounces your username which is a very neat feature. Their is literally a reroll button built into the game for your convenience. Obviously as with many other gacha games auto does everything in the early stages but you could always take control for a better result. The game offers missions story events and PvP with a cafe that you can decorate it's like the perfect one stop gacha that you can enjoy in your own pace without feeling stressed. Not too demanding just a good enjoyable gacha with your normal mediocre gacha rates. If you don't wanna reroll and don't like the rates you should still try since it's a nice side game but there's other stuff out to play. So stop hating in the game like children and driving players away with these bad salty reviews.

白夜極光 | 國際版


The games great you can peacefully grind at your own pace without missing much from events. The gameplay is actually fun for a gacha game rather than the lot of auto only ones out there who just want you to play for the gacha only. The storylines for the events are usually so so good and the main story is nice too! Not gonna dwell on the gacha aspects a lot since iits typical gacha system but nice to have good lower stars characters and not super pull dependant plus the game rewards a shit ton of summoming currency anyway, so you'll be good. Overall a very good game highly recommended! [開心][開心][開心][開心]

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THE END OF THE YEAR GACHA LIST Hi everyone, I'm hopeful some of you have come across my Reviews on some of the biggest gacha games this year and they were of help to you. Understanding that I mostly play Global releases and very rarely JP/CN/KR releases but I do try to give them a demo of a few hours. So with that said let's talk about what I think were some of the best Gacha Games this year. (Among the ones I played) 閲讀正文