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Hi! I love rhythm games and play too much gacha ^^"
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Hi! I love rhythm games and play too much gacha ^^"
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A very cute puzzle game! Fun to play in your free time. Just a simple game of matching molcars. There are lots of cute characters.



Very simple but fun game. Just tapping. I wish you could keep your magikarp after they have fully levelled up.

Obey Me!


I dont love love love the games art style most of the time. There are 3+ art teams who make cards, plus the sprites look different to those artists styles so unless you have pretty cards it's all a bit lackluster.

For sound I will talk about voice acting, I enjoy the seiyuu in this game. I don't know how they worked with them but sometimes it sounds like a few of them are recording their lines in their bathroom, please give them a place to record and proper equipment Solmare they deserve it :( the character songs are also good and I think there should be more released.

Gameplay is pay to win and very grindy for materials. Unfortunately ranking in events is impossible now unless youre VIP and honestly not that worth it.

Story lines are hit and miss because in events they cater to every romanceable character so nothing progresses. In main story some scenes of your fav can be very entertaining, but options are very limited to try and appeal to as many players as possible.

Value overall is good if you are invested in the characters. You can get tickets pretty quickly for gacha as well so at least you can always be doing something in the game.



Simple tapping game. The graphics look nice and you can get lots of outfits. I wish there was more music in this game, you can choose between regular and seasonal play lists, but they don't update the music so it can get really annoying hearing the same 2 songs over and over if you want to grind. Other than that I like some of the songs that I never would have heard otherwise. There's not really much else but if you want to listen to music and tap and have stories in your game just play project sekai



It's a cute game where you level up your restaurant! It's a tapping game that can get tiresome after a while but when you hire and upgrade staff they can earn more for you when you're not playing. There is actually an interesting story line as well but it doesn't take over the whole game and you can ignore it if you want. Fun to play.

Another long review because I really like this game and I have things to say about it.

I like the graphics of the game. The cards are really pretty and I prefer them to SIF. Previously I didn't like the LL artstyle that much but it has developed to where I think it looks really good and I actually want the cards. I don't use 3DMV but the outfits are very good on my homescreen (lol)

I enjoy the songs. Not much to say. There's some songs I recognise from SIF and just LL in general but there's also some new ones I like.

The most challenging aspect of the gameplay is getting lucky on the gacha and material drops from songs/training. If you don't have good cards and the materials to strengthen them then the game is slightly underwhelming. It's mostly about grinding. That being said, even with just a few good cards (or getting lucky and having one full good team that matches the current event song tricks) you can do decently well in events (maybe because only dedicated fans and whales have enough materials and URs to tier consistently.

Event rewards are fairly generous (it's like they're just giving away URs). Getting gems is pretty grindy as well but if you persist with the story and do your dailys you don't have to wait too long. Boring calculation it takes 2 weeks of daily and weekly logins and tasks to get enough for a 10 pull, 7 weeks for 1550 to complete 6 steps of the step up gacha, obviously faster if you're completing the story for 10 gems each. This rate feels pretty fast for me compared to other games I've played so it's worth grinding for me. I mainly use skip tickets so it's lucky they give you a bunch.

The main problem I have with the gameplay is the same problem I had with SIF. For whatever reason no matter what device I play on there will always be at least one set of double notes per live that just don't register. I can flick and tap all I like but the notes do not respond. This can't just be a lag or device issue because the problem is consistent when other games run better. It's annoying to play easy mode and not be able to full combo because one of the double notes you tapped just refuses to register. Since it also consistently happened to me when I played SIF but not any other rhythm game I'm just putting it down to a LL issue.

Honestly I just skip the storyline because unless you are a newbie to rhythm games it's time consuming to have story broken up by easy level lives. I don't know anything about these characters apart from what their loading screen profiles say. I dont even know which girls belong to which groups (for 'have one subunit as center' missions) and as a non fan I don't care to look on the wiki. I like the game so maybe later on I will want to find out more but it doesn't make me want to watch the anime or replay SIF.

One thing I wish were different about the game is I wish I could search by character instead of unit or subunit. I know no other game does this because there are too many characters but if I know that a girl sings on a song and that's where her memorial gems are offered I want to find the songs she sings on)in the live tab (and not have to search through practice -> card -> practice tile -> memorial gem). Also I wish we could access all the tabs on one screen and not split between the tab bar and homescreen just because I dont want to wait 10 seconds to get from gift box to idol channel back to the live settings panel.

This game does have value just because it is a newer game in LL franchise. Lots of people don't like it though and stick with SIF. I saw someone say the players stick with the older game they know because it's a more traditional rhythm game, rather than move into an idol management game that needs different skills to succeed at, and I agree. One isn't better than the other, if you like LL they're both worth playing. I just think this one is a bit more rewarding and it feels like you get more or have a nicer time grinding.

*I'll review the beta and then might remake or edit my review when the game officially comes out in case they change lots of things.

The graphics are very good, so far the cards available have been very nice (and the skill stats are good) the 3d models are good and the costumes are pretty. Gacha rate ups are trash though. Idk if they'll change it.

The songs are good, I'm not really a fan of prsk vocaloid tuning though, it makes the vocas average at best. I do like that multuple covers are available to play but I could listen to a better vocaloid cover on YouTube. So really I'm just playing for the seiyuu covers, which are really good, or the original versions. I like the seiyuu casting for sekai as well and love projects that have seiyuu sing vocaloid covers!

Very good gameplay, in beta the note scores have been very forgiving (there is no way I've hit that many perfects in songs) I don't know if they'll change that. Apparently ensekai is less optimised for devices than the Chinese server, so some people won't be able to play on EN but can on Traditional Chinese server with same device. Also SEA are getting their own server apparently but they don't have a beta yet and can't play global beta which is a shame since China and global are progressing at the same time. I love the live concerts, the timings are a bit awkward for me so I will probably stay up all night to watch them when the game releases. One problem I have with the rest of gameplay is that rank rewards only give you 4 cover song cards per character, in beta this isn't really a problem but surely in the full game there will be more than 4 covers per character, will we be able to buy or exchange them from somewhere for gems. Would we have to pay money for cover song packs?

Good storyline, for a game that's marketing itself as 'hatsune miku colorful stage' but is mostly filled with non vocaloid characters they did a good job of introducing them and not just making miku the star of the show. I'd be surprised if anyone playing doesn't like at least one unit. People on twitter have complained about bad translation and preferring fan translation but in the beta the devs have been responsive and changed translations.

Not really related to the game but the ensekai twitter account has been very active and its nice to see. The devs have been super responsive in beta fixing things. After playing the beta it left me with a nice experience of the community that will carry over when I play the fully released game and get nothing in the gacha and not rank in events 💔

Overall decent value, good for any vocaloid fans, but will probably become a gacha you're tempted to whale on and I don't think it's worth that just yet.

I love this game! It's one of my new favs for sure. Grinding materials isn't too difficult and all the different challenge modes give you lots of chances to earn free gems.

The outfits and cards are very pretty and the 3d chibis are cute. The arcana units are very strong and new girls are getting stronger, it might be difficult if you are unlucky with gacha, but despite not getting my best girl the gacha has been kind to me.

Chat function for troupes and different languages is useful but the other chats aren't as useful and are just a place for harassment imo, there are so many channels that they all seem pretty empty.

Login bonuses are nice and make up for sinking all your gems on one banner. Dailies don't take that much time to complete.

I love Revstar and I love this game.

I've not been playing very long so this is just my first impression, I might update this review later when I know more about the game.

The cards are beautiful in this game and I have been very lucky to get four 4*s with my free pulls and free tickets from the beginners logins. The live stage/clubs are very nice too and I'm impressed that having so many cut ins and sfx doesn't make my phone lag at all! The only downside is the sfx are so bright and distracting it makes it hard to play the game so I have them all turned off (。>﹏<) I think if I got more used to playing with them this wouldn't be a problem.

I'm happy there's a wide variety of music in this game like originals and covers and fan music and even bgms from games! It's really refreshing to be able to play something different. I don't really have a fav song of the originals though, maybe it's because I don't know the charas/groups very well yet, but none of the originals really stand out to me.

The gameplay is really good and not laggy for me even with all the sfx, sometimes playing with others filling a waiting room can take a while but that's not the games fault. I wonder how many players there are? Or if it is just that live rooms have problems connecting people. The game is very user friendly that you can have as many kinds of notes as you want on auto even if you're doing an event or playing with others, it makes the game so much easier and people can just play the parts that they want to play. I love the medley lives I think they are so fun.

I've seen a lot of reviews talk about how unfair the gacha is or how there are lots of limited gachas compared to permanent and I hope they add more permanent cards soon, since I don't have any fav charas yet limited gachas make it really hard to know who to pull for.

I haven't read much story yet and I don't know lots about the characters but the stories don't look bad, they are like regular stories you'd find in any other game.

I think this game is worth trying if you like rhythm games because the gameplay is a very unique experience.

I have been playing this game for years and it's my all time fav of any game so I thought I should finally make a review of it somewhere.

The cards are always amazing quality! 3* and 4* are always beautiful and even 2* have cute outfits or poses. The gachas are probably the nicest and easiest of all the rhythm games I've played (despite not getting any df cards ^^") they are relatively cheap to pull 10-pull as well compared to other gacha games (2500 stars you can easily save up after a few events) . The df 6% rate up has been pretty hit or miss for me in the past so I would probably rate that gacha lower than the normal limited gachas. The card skills for most cards are also very useful for all strageties of playing the game. Most cards are permanent so theres no need to pull on every gacha, only save up for limited or dream fes cards (you can find out which ones are limited on bandori.party or websites like that).

The music is very good, there are lots of popular songs and songs get released every new event, so even if you took a break from playing for a while you could farm all the new songs for reward stars. There are some songs that are JP only or not on EN server but that's just because of copyright and is the song owners choice, as much as there are songs I'd like to play on EN there's not really much we can do about it. This would be a downside for most people though.

The gameplay is really smooth and customizable, there is even a rehearsal live mode so you don't have to use live boosts. I'm glad they added that feature. EN recently announced that they would be shortening the event times because they are pretty long and we are a year behind JP and still very far behind the other servers, so from now on there is going to be even more to do in game quicker.

The stories are really good and honestly have gotten better over the years. The Morfonica introduction story was so good it actually made them one of my fav bands immediately after not knowing anything about them the year since they were added to JP. The event stories are also really fun and unlike some games the unlocked chapters are free to read even after the event has finished. Since we are on season two of stories you can get so many stars when you first play just by reading through all Popipa's stories on fast mode and this is so helpful when you're first playing the game and want to get as many good cards as possible. The characters are all very unique. Sometimes I find it difficult to tell people apart especially when there's 35 members, some people didn't like Morfonica because they looked like rip off members when they were first released, but with their band story they became their own characters and I think if they were properly advertised by official accounts instead of just randomly put in the game then players wouldn't have reacted badly to them when they had been waiting patiently all that time for RAS to get put in the game.

Value wise for buying stars the monthly pack is the best value. The biggest rule is not to spend money on gacha games, but if you wanted to, the monthly pack gives you more than just buying stars for the same amount of money. I have spent money on bandori and this honestly is the only game I would spend money on because the cards are so beautiful and the game is so fun to play.

Wow long review! This game has been a big part of my life for the last couple of years so it's inevitable I guess ^^" If anyone read this far happy playing and good luck on your pulls!



I can't believe this game is shutting down D: I used to play it years ago and I always wanted to reinstall it but keep forgetting to until now [大哭] It's a very fun game and I like that you could decorate your rooms, I never could complete any event sets but I did get lucky on gacha a few times. I will miss it.

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I never made a review for Uma Musume before I uninstalled it (to have space for pjsekai and revue starlight) but it was a really fun game. Maybe i should've reinstalled it before I downloaded sifas and ensekai...  閲讀正文