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Hated it at first then started to like the game, I thought it was another Eternal M clone, and it was a mistake. The game was more into F2P, items are there in the game, can earn +20k crystals in or before reaching level 25. Diamonds, Glory pass, Resets, and event currencies can be buy with crystals. Avatars can be procure thru events. Classes as the old classic RO are there, and what good is that everyone has a potential to do solo. Unlike TOW and LON, daily task is so casual, it could be done in 30mins to an hour. Gearwise do bosshunt or trade or gacha, white is for low budget(f2p) and all rounder cuz of the set effects and cheaper for upgrades; blue is for MVP bosses; purple and gold is for late game and pvp. There are a lot of features, but what I hated the most was gardening, relies on weather to gather more, need to wait for 20/30mins or hour to get rain/storm and the autofishing rod which 1 fish = 2%-4% durabiliy reduction...

• Idle RPG
• Waifu Gacha
• Portrait screen
• Ads every 20mins for F2P
• Lots of rewards
• Story event in every 100th room/floor
•Unit rank does not matter as long as
you return/reborn
•It takes a while to rank up/ evolve a unit
• Units have roles and types(Physical and Magical)
• Weapons ranging from swords to guns to cannons

* Has a bug when switching or changing screens, after ads, etc... The touchscreen became unresponsive along with a endless loading(loading icon in the bottom right)

Tales of Wind


TOW is the other Laplace. Laplace was more populated(Bug hunt finished in under 3 mins, more servers and guilds) as of july 2021, TOW has better features and rewards. I switched yesterday when I discovered it. The game offers the Mercenary system that originates from the Light of tiel(limited only), This was best and common to do when teaming/partying to finish the realms. Unlike tiel, the features can be use 90% of the time, and encourage it to use by players who starting out. No need for leveling guide since EXP drops anywhere here, even Farming gave exp. P2W, ofc if you planning to become number 1 all over Japan. F2P, yes! I confidently say it, as long as you get help by friends, guildmates, b**tard oldman, your dog husky from farm, AI mercenaries, and your Mom the game will be still enjoyable. I probably played this game 6-8 hours. I quit LON and GOC cuz of this

Idle Waifu Gacha Game. I expect that I'm NOT gonna tap! tap! anything at the mids of battle, which is true. Rates was... for the first 40 pull, I got 5 5star units, lost gold pretty quickly maxing them[驚訝]. Graphics was decent, but its not running smoothly on my Potato device(Samsung j7 pro) which is kind of weird, running star revue has no issues at all if I compare them. Progression is kind of slow, I'm stuck on chapter 4 since I have to Increase my units grade to lvl up them more which need a lot of gold + probably a 2 millions or more worth. I just stopped playing cuz of how it runs on my device.

This is an old mmorpg so expect the graphics is crappy, but thats where it shines more. It was REALLY F2P, that I just notice only this year(2021), avatars can be bought by box tickets, that can either get by spending ingame currency or by daily login, sometines there are freebies in the shop as well. There are also Avatars from events, but it needs atleast lvl 150 onwards to participate. There are job classes, but, Weapons and gears are what dictates the build(agi+crit cleric, etc) followed by stats, idk if other class could do solo build, I know that clerics can.The leveling guides from four/two years seems not working anymore, besides the ATG seems doable at lvl 80, but much more rewarding at lvl 115 since the boss can be defeated at that point on. But I do suggest to do MQ until you unlock apostolia and other features. Earning spina are much easier than on Toram. The only dilemma here for f2p are storage spaces[發怒]

This reminded me of an old gacha avatar jrpg, but the difference is this is more f2p on following reasons. It has 5 job classes such as mage, cleric, swordsman, guardian, and archer. Each job has its own weapon types of weapons greatswords, sword & shields, bows, staves, maces, magic devices, and etc. Magic devices are the first to gacha roll. Its efficient type of weapons, so as a f2p and newbie, reroll this until you get 4*rainbow(it takes 10-15mins to redownload the data). Armor and accessory sets can be grind starting on chapter 1-6 and "Cleaning the ruins 2" its best to do so since each sets have effects like critical and HP. The looted gears can be equipped as an Avatar which is the best! Sounds is great especially the MC's voice which I won't deny that its was the reason why I playing this game. Combat was ATB or active turn base, so enemy will not wait and keep attacking the player. As usual it has auto combat features, and I think it was still incomplete... Sea crystals were the currency use for gacha it can get via trading post and missions. I don't see any use of it yet IF you reroll on the MD, it doesnt matter early on, keep it for future events. There were no best class, it depends on weapon type build, the more aoes the better and fast to farm... This is what I experience so far

EDIT: Participating on events even at low levels(5000 minimum) greatly helps in looting gears and enhancement, etc...

This was not the Avabel that I've played years ago. Everything changes, riftstones and any blacksmith mats can be buy at the Item shop, Dual wielding gives more dmg. One hand swords and 2 handed spears are gone now, Pets devours Equipment(which is kind of funny) you can have 300 bonus stats via pet and its cases early game, if you ever bought the dungeon box. MASTER EVERYTHING in AWAKENED CLASS can be done by just keeping the Achievement rewards and Feine's Facility quests. Skills have no requirements to unlock them and its max levels are 5 only. 1000 crit seems not enough and critical rates will depend on enemies level, Allocating stats seems confusing, I just put it on dex just to crit a level 35 mobs(I was 125). Increasing the dmg output need to be done by elements, its either skills or and orb that gave bonus dmg on a target elements. All skills have cooldown, need growth orbs to reduce it. Support ring were useful earlier and it cost a dollar to have one. Dungeon like treasure seems hard now, need to solo run it around 250-max level. dont use rift stones to REMOVE EQUIPMENT'S LEVEL! its damage will be affected. AWAKE AND MAX BOOST ONLY ONCE, do plenty if you 're 400 ish. Thats what I noticed ao far... Its majority F2p now and the login reward only gives gems, just dont focus on AVATARS IF YOU ARE F2P! JEXP are now exploitable if you check feine and achievement rewards before getting it!

Its Auto from the first time I login. What I expected was bashing skulls by mashing the skill buttons, but probably not... I like how the useless gears turns or process to add more stats. It is decent game but I do like tapping skills



I quitted the game. Annoyed, got stuck in login for an hour to 4, its better to play it in guest mode than linking it to google and FB. Also chat server always down.

This is a turned base, multi job, grindy MMORPG. The game is a "Pay to Win" IF you focus only its market. To be able to enjoy this as a F2p, you need to do some research, pretty much weapons are not the problem here. Even currency is not a problem also the enhancement of both gears and skills. Pretty much, cuz of the YOME system, armor is the least to be worried about. DMG Limit is the main issue which can gain on some UR gears and mostly by max level all the jobs which can be a hell grindy(8-10hrs just to lvl up w/ out buffs) or just lazily do 3 dungeon runs that gives a total 1.5M exp.Every job has a unique combat style that turn a 10k dmg into 300k dmg, which is sometimes the devs didn't bother to explain how to do it...

Guardians of Cloudia


The game feels like Laplace M or Tales of wind. The Pets evolution felt like it was a Digimon. It also felt like AFK Arena cuz of request system and the idle stuff. It also have an autopathing and auto combat, but I prefer playing it manually. P2W, yes ofc, if you wanted to be competitive and a fashionista. F2p, yes but I'm sure there's a limit... Just enjoy the game

Edit: Played at Samsung J7 pro
Edit2: Sometimes the invites are annoying, especially when doing Hero quest at manual mode...

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Not on Playstore??? As usual, I check Iruna for any updates in playstore after its maintenance. But I notice I can't find Toram anymore[無語] Well tried searching the apps but no avail... Seems my phone is not compatible anymore 閲讀正文