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Simp for Ilot Rotaeno {MyFigureCollection: GolfTennisBalls}
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Simp for Ilot Rotaeno {MyFigureCollection: GolfTennisBalls}
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This app is not a substitute for the Steam app on computer, but more like a "helper." Now I say that it isn't a substitute just for the sole reason that you are not able to play the games you purchased on here, which obviously is reasonable. In fact, that may be the only sole difference compared to the computer version because not long ago, a serious QOL update was implemented into this mobile app and now there are more features than ever as well as having an improved UI.

Something to criticize however is that navigation around the app may still be mildly difficult, but that's a given since Valve literally ported a dominantly computer service into a mobile app. Personally, all the other critical reviews of this app that I see in other places (like the Google Play Store) I cannot relate to because I'm just not having they problems they're describing, so just take all this text you're seeing with a grain of salt since it varies from user-to-user / device-to-device.

Now I can purchase all the anime femboy futa furry related games on the go, because that's totally all what Steam is good for!!!!!!



chris said he worked on this game for the past 6+ years according to his Twitter. and my god, it is beautiful to be finally released after being delayed many times. this is the greatest mobile rhythm game I've ever played. idk what else to say. this game is just good. Rotaeno is just so good.

This is just pretty much the same as the other Eureka Studio games. Simple point and click & dragging. It's good time killer, sometimes pretty humorous, very easy to get by levels, but not really that amusing most of the time. I'd say it's worth to play if you like these types of games or a fan of this dev. I only played it to complete it and kill time. There's a lot of ads by the way so make sure to turn on airplane mode. [睡覺]



A sequel to the sequel to the first I Became a Dog game; but this time you play as a female!?!?! [無語]That's hot.

This game has all the same things as the first sequel: Cutscenes, saved skills, efficient bug grinding, joystick control, same replay value, yeah yeah whatever dude.
The thing that is different about this one is that there is a more variety of actions you can do throughout the game; it's more dynamic as well as the story of the game too. Rather than just retrieving objects and putting things in certain places, you can now interact with the objects you have, place some objects in different places (in other words you can mix things up), have more choices on what to do, etc. A small, better upgrade from the last game I must say. However, there may be more situations where you will be stuck and have to consult to the hints since there is more to do. [難過] Hell, I guarantee there will be at least one point where you will absolutely n e e d to look at a hint (for some endings that is lol).

Again, it is worth playing it if you enjoyed the other two games. [厲害]



A sequel to the first I Became a Dog game; but this time there's a joystick control?!?! [驚訝]Innovation right here ladies and gentlemen.

In this sequel, there is now a bigger map, more complex clues, cutscenes, upgrades for a skill tree (for more efficient grinding because you're gonna do more of that again 🚶), more ways to tackle endings, more plot twists, and much more. Not much else to say other than that this game is much more bigger with loads of new ideas and a pretty good step-up from the first game. You may even spend a lot of time on this game considering how much more there is to it [害羞]. Just keep in mind that there will still be a few flaws in the first game like grinding (even though they made it quite efficient in this one) and kinda boring replay value if you're trying to go for the other endings. Other than that, it is still just the same concept as I Became a Dog 1 with more features.

Overall pretty good. Good job We Like Games. [厲害]

A pixel mystery (?) story-based adventure game where you play as an unwitting dog that was once a human but turned into a dog 🐕. Interesting. [懵懂]

This game may seem very simple and cute at first but it gets a bit more twisted. You will spend most of your time walking around, talking to other dogs and getting them what they want to progress, and even having to grind a bit. This game is very worth it if you're playing it for the first time and trying to get your first ending. [可憐]

However, for the replay value or trying to get all the other endings, it gets pretty repetitive since you already know the gist of it on what you should do and do differently. [不滿]It can also sometimes have you stumped like you would think "how was I supposed to get that?!" because it can get complicated sometimes (or maybe I'm just not good at these types of games lol). When you're going for the other endings, the grind WILL BE REAL. You will be farting all the time because you will need to unlock everything again with the bugs 🪳 when you want to replay.

This game is a very unique pixel game from what you would expect out if it. It was a pretty good game with lots of plot twists and other ideas that executed perfectly for this game. Try it out and you might like it! [開心]

蘿蔔爸爸 Dadish 2


A sequel to Dadish with pretty much the same story with a sprinkle of a few new ideas and more h u m o r. There will be new gimmicks throughout the worlds (e.g., zero gravity, gripping to the ceiling, quicksand, cannons, etc.), different types of enemies & bosses, and a more unique world/level environment selection. [微笑]

This game is basically the same as the first game. Make sure you've played the first game before playing this one. Still a solid game. [厲害][厲害]

蘿蔔爸爸 Dadish


A straightforward pixel platformer game with a mix of some humor. You play as a personified radish that IS ALSO a dad (crazy, right?) going through levels & worlds trying to get back his runaway children. It has all the aspects of your everyday usual platformer; be it buzzsaws, spikes, moving/flying enemies, floating & moving platforms, projectiles, etc. This game is a good time-killer when you have nothing to do and a good starter for an indie platformer game.

Things I like about this game are some of the h u m o r o u s dialog between dadish & his children after every completed level and how everything is illustrated in a cute, pixel art. I even enjoy how the enemies are just junk food lol. [懵懂]

I must add that it is very easy at the starting levels of the game, but as soon you're getting near the last world or even in it, it gets very tough if not pretty hard. There are quite a few levels where you need to have precise landings and timings. Too precise in fact that you may be a bit annoyed. [不滿]

A pretty solid platformer game. Give it an install and you might enjoy it. [厲害]

(p.s. turn on airplane mode if you get sick of the ads)

MEGA Official


This is Dropbox 2 lmao.
The absolute best sequel to Dropbox 1 that allows me to download straight from shady websites that use MEGA and use chat link to talk to my nonexistent friends that. I don't know why chat is a damn feature but I ain't really conplaining. I can finally store my apk and zip files in a safe place with this app. 10/10 best storyline and gameplay would bust inside more files again



Master is so cool!

(You'll understand once you'll play through the game)

This game is like the sequel of Skip Work ! and still a simple point and click game with many more stages than the previous game and even sillier outcomes. It takes about 2 hours to beat if you view all of the outcomes. There is also a bit of a story cutscene after you beat a set of stages. I recommend you play the prequel first before playing this one and to also make sure you turn on Airplane mode when playing because there will be a TON of ads.

My boss was really great!

(You'll understand once you beat the game)

This game is just an average simple point and click game about escaping your wife to avoid going to work (lmao) with a very super short 24 stages and some with silly outcomes. Its a good game if you wanna kill about 20 minutes or less completing the game. Not much to say other than to make sure to turn on Airplane mode (cuz there's a lot of ads) and to NEVER pick up a gun found in a trash bin and talk to small children. Trust me, you don't wanna be arrested.



this is Wacca but for ur phone lmao also why tf do i succ at these flicks and unlocking stasis master.

But in all seriousness, this is a pretty unique rhythm game that introduces a circle with a judgement line at the edge of it and can also spin around the play area to make the chart more challenging and fit in with the music.

but seriously tho why am i so bad at the flicks dude like bro i suffer in You are the Miserable [大哭]

Google 翻譯


Holy crap dude where do i begin with this game. this game's storyline is soooo goood. the amount of characters it has is astonishing and all of them have different personalities. this game even supports VR and has multiple languages. too many languages in fact.



This is just basically Japanese simon or something. I love it cuz HARDCORE TANO*C YAYY and also the gacha is 10/10. Usao for life babyyy



A really good rhythm game with a heckin weird storyline that I have been playing for over a year now and I am still having a lot of fun. Currently at ptt 11.40 as of right now. It introduces a new gimmick called Sky Input where there are notes coming towards you from the top portion of the screen and really fun idea that can make up a whole variety of chart designs in this game. but pls note that you have to play money to play this game at its full potential and i do not recommend for casual players, especially when playing the Future/Beyond difficulties. [難過]
also i need to tell you that PREGG BAD and Modelista good [厲害]
and lowiro pls bring bacc chunithm partner events i want chuni penguin


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