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这游戏有够好玩的,而且还不用课金都能玩全部歌。爽!但是如果这游戏能调整一下timing ,那就更好了。




Honestly, I'm surprised that this game actually exist. Other than Armor Blitz, this might be the only Gacha game that I might enjoy so far since the play style is pretty unique and they have different dolls which are from historical events (WWI and WWII) This made really happy because I've always wonder if there's a good game that personificates War tanks and planes into cute girls

The game's perhaps the best MOBA I've played amongst all mobile style MOBA games out there. The graphics are superb and definitely gave me the thrill just from watching the teaser. Now that I finally get to play as a Malaysian, I definitely can see why everyone including me are hyped for LoL: Wild Rift. Not to mention, the graphics in this game is perhaps top tier quality compared to King of Glory, Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends. They may not look best but this game is still just on Beta Test which meant that this is not their final product, they still have something up their sleeves. The gameplay is perfect and definitely brought back the feels of me playing LoL on PC.

Great game in my perspective. The gameplay was pretty basic but can be challenging in higher levels. But not the most player-friendly kind of game if you just started playing rhythm games.

野生少女 | 日版


Let's be honest, this game is more like a clickbait video on YT but in the form of a game. They purposely put on cute characters which was pretty decent (considering I'm a kemonomimi fan). But little do I know the fact that is this game has no basic standards of what an average gacha game should have nowadays. Options are pretty limited as well. The character designs are fine (which is okay) but the VAs are not doing their fullest and there wasn't a whole lot to the conversation, just repeating the lines...

好玩是好玩,但是画质在我手机上显得好差哦... 想看好来都是个问题... 或许我该说是我手机土吧?但是总觉得这游戏有点普遍...

Drift Spirits


Overall, the game is basically designed to be Wangan Midnight but Gacha style... It sounds alright since Syanago Collection does this as well (Except the only thing is that the game basically turns every car into a girl and the game already shut down... 😢😢) but they are impossible to get great cars! Especially the fact that I love JDM and the JDM that I want is practically impossible to get it... OK, gacha aside, let's check out the game itself. I love how the game has high graphics and they definitely look quite comfortable and satisfying to play with but it is dissapointing to see how the game is being played and how short those maps really are... They play style of the game is basically pressing the steering wheel button and it will automatically drift it for you. On top of that, it drives on its own! (BTW, you can turn it off) And the maps... OMG! How short are they? 10 seconds?! I didn't even get a glimpse of the scenery in that 10 seconds... (Though, I do like how the game changes its view to let you enjoy the amazing view of your car drifting across the corners)

明日方舟 | 英文版


This game is in fact the best tower-defense style game I've ever played. Characters are either pretty or handsome in ways (especially a guy like me who is obsessed with kemonomimi~) Likewise, their VAs are perfectly matched and the sounds in the game are well done. Though, the game isn't as enjoyable when it comes to the base with so many Trading Posts as there are so much work to be done but it is quite interesting. The storyline is superb because it has some dark humour to it.



This game is impressive as there's a variety of different maps (3 maps, actually...) They look a mazing and beautiful, especially for the 3D looks for each map. Though the game is actually quite basic since the play style is almost exactly the same as other rhythm games. And the worst thing is that, this game doesn't have a tutorial session as I've seen most of the games should have them. Well, despite I hate how the tutorial is not available in this game, but for those who are new to rhythm games? Clearly, they have no idea how the game works. The artworks in the game are basically taken from other rhythm games as the biggest example 'Pancake is Love' from Muse Dash...

碧藍航線 | 英文版


Great game, in gacha games perspective. This game is fun and I've gotta be honest, it is super easy to play and I've been playing it for at least a year and it is always filled with surprises from time to time when the game updates. (But then it will have to go through a server maintenance first... ;_;) The characters are lovable and I don't hate them a single bit since they are all either cute and sexy (maybe more than just sexy, straight out of an eroge OwO) They are perfectly voice acted and the best part is that some characters have 2D animations which makes them look more livelier than just an ordinary anime PNG. But then the story's kinda boring since I don't read that much ;_; But anyways, nice game made by Manjuu



Rhythm games, I loved them. This is no question, but then you see this game is free which you know what it means, in-app purchases... I know it is made to be free so it needs to earn money from some paid song packs, so I don't mind. But locking up the story? Hell no, I'm stuck with a cliffhanger on the first chapter and I've to pay to know what happens next... ;_; Well, it can't be helped. The songs are beautifully chosen, they are nice and pleasant to listen to. The song 'Clotho and the Stargazer' and 'Inkar-usi' is amazing, it feels like you're in an RPG world playing it. 'Lucifer' is no exception. 'Anökumene' is my most favourite track of all time in the game, loved it!

東方LostWord | 日版


Overall, I've gotta say, this is probably the most shameful game that has appeared in the TouHou Project game series. TouHou is supposed to be admired by its extremely hard levels. They are often challenging which acts as a charm towards the whole series but then this came... Gacha? You f*cking serious? TouHou changed from an impossible rhythm shooter style game into this? You can't be serious! There's no way that most of the people are okay with this. Although the voice acting and songs are amazing (TouHou, of course...) but nothing still compares to the play style of this game. I'm completely confused at how this game works (Simply choosing any usable option given, if it doesn't work then choose another skill) Probably why I gave up on this within minutes...



This game personally is average as a rhythm game... I'm not saying because of how similar it is compared to BanDori, what I'm saying is that this game is kinda bland... The playstyle is just like BanDori except easier, with only 5 tiles... The only difference is the flick notes. They have those flick notes that can be either left or right and up. Sometimes the flick notes face inwards which is the only challenging part of the game... Personally, the game has quite a variety of songs, it's just that I don't feel like playing them as much though... (Maybe I like song covers more than original songs🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️) The only worst part of this game is that all songs in this game are not downloaded... I have to manually download it if I want to listen to it before I play...

Okay, personally I like these sorts of games where you just fight automatically whenever you fight the enemy. But what I hate about this game is the fact that nobody's complaining about how this game works? Like come on, everytime you click the back button, it just brings you back to the previous page. Not only that, if I finished a mission and I clicked back, it goes back to the mission thingy like an endless loop

Basically, it's like a game of Reversi but mixed in with YuGiOh... That's probably the best way to describe it, I guess? I mean, it's not bad and it's quite good... Though, I don't think Google Play will save your progress because I used to play this game on a previous phone and I changed a new one so that I can play more... The problem is that I realized that this game only has Japanese as the main language. If Google Play doesn't work, then at least there should be an option for me to copy a Transfer code, right? Except that the fact the option is also in Japanese which is really tough for those who barely knows how to read Japanese... 🙃🙃

Let's face it... It definitely needs an English version even though there's an alternative (Valkyrie Re:Connect, it's technically not an alternative but it's the best way to compare both games) 'cause of all characters from this game, Cygames actually added a lot of characters from other parallel games and anime (Take Granblue Fantasy as an example). I mean, yeah... It's actually quite disappointing though when it comes to what the story is trying to tell because all I can see is a bunch Kanji and Japanese writing and I'm pretty sure that a lot of non-Japanese players are probably have the same thoughts as I do... Let's just say that we hope Cygames would release an English version of this game. (Mostly, it's not possible since Cygames have not made any English games in the past, or maybe I've not noticed any??)

Personally, I like the game a lot. But dor some reason, my game stucks at 100% and it didn't log in or anything... Well, it happened previously and I thought that fine, maybe I delete it and redownload the game it should be fine... And within 1 week, it happened again... I'm seriously feeling triggered right now since this is the game's problem

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