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咸鱼玩家~ Lazy bum, occasionally grinds ranking~
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咸鱼玩家~ Lazy bum, occasionally grinds ranking~
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First impression: very cute girls, especially the glow in their eyes~
So far I have only played a few songs. The tap feels fast when it drops so my old eyes have trouble following. The story is interesting, all voiced and 3D models. If you love to gacha, the 4 star drop rate is very low. The most I have rerolled is only two 4star accounts.
Will update when I play the game more...

Like everyone else said, the gameplay is the same as before. However, I feel like the tap timing is not optimized and really difficult to hit perfect buttons (or maybe I'm bad). The overall design and graphics have definitely step up a notch. Honestly I was hoping for MV in the background while playing but unfortunately not available. Since it's new, we should give it some time. I hope they add new functions and improve as soon as possible.



This is absolutely my favorite animal idle game. The gameplay is very simple to understand. You make money and upgrade your shop. I love watching the part-time cats work hard and feed their hungry customer cats. The ads are optional, mostly to get coins or gems. When you are bored, you can leave the cats on and listen to them meow. The only customization in the game is to change the outfit for the owner cat.



Short review: It is a fun game. :) Long review: Click more...
Genshin has one of the BEST art styles and BGM I have seen in my 10 years of gaming. However, I am quite biased towards gacha games, but a love-hate relationship. This is a grind-type of game.

Gacha: Most 5 star characters are limited, and you can only get them when they first release or rerun. Limited 5 star characters and weapons are in different pools. Once you reach pity, you get a guaranteed 5 star, around 80 pulls.

Art: Splash art, model design, and 3D world are absolutely top-notch, considering that it can be played on mobile, PC, and console. Each character outfit is designed to match their region and element. There are more waifus than husbandos, just so you know.

Sounds: The wonderful BGM highlights the unique style of each region. Also, you have the option to choose different languages for character voices. Currently, I love the Chinese voices the best because everyone is so soft and adorable, even Paimon. Every other Paimon voice is too much for me to handle.

Characters: There are only 4 star and 5 star characters, which was weird, in my opinion. You start off with a 5 star traveler. Each character has a normal attack/charged attack, elemental skill, and elemental burst. They also have a few passive talents.

Weapons: So there are a total of 5 weapon types, including swords, catalysts, claymores, bows, and spears. Each weapon has a main stat and description of what they actually do.

Artifacts: These are the equipment for each character. You can get artifacts from domains. Some artifacts are literally designed for some characters. I recommend only building 5 star artifacts. All the stats on artifacts are randomized. Good luck!

Builds: Please look up guides to build characters, teams, and how to farm materials. You can build whatever team you like. It can be op or just for fun. Go crazy!

Gameplay: This consists of main and side quests, events, battle pass, daily quests, and more. I personally like playing the events because they are quite varied. Sometimes, there are rhythm game mode, strategy game mode, kill mob game mode, and etc.

Storyline: I think the storyline is very very very long. It is very interesting to listen and autoplay story. Cut scenes are beautiful. Some stories actually made me shed some tears.

I am not sure what I missed, but let me know. I'm a fun Ayaka main and Nahida/Nilou bloomer on American server. [怪笑][怪笑][怪笑]

Memento Mori


Honestly, I'm usually not a big fan of AFK RPG games. BUT this game really blew my mind! First, the beautiful waterpainting style art really caught my attention. The colors are blurred beautifully like a dream! Next, the background music is amazing! I have listened to the character songs previously but I didn't know they will be played on main page. If you listen carefully, the music lyrics matches each character personality very very well. Then, I will like to mention the story. Main story is very short, but there are many character stories. I don't usually read character stories because they are mostly introductions. However, this game made the characters lively and let them tell their own story. Lastly, gameplay is similar to Princess Tale. I really appreciate the effort of having different VAs for each character and their songs. Each character really touched my heart. Please give it a try~ ♡


愛★Chu Étoile Stage


Let's continue to support our IChu boys! o(≧v≦)o~
Can't wait to see my Mio and Runa~ ♡ Hopefully the produce gameplay is fun! [開心]
After short play of the game, it reminds me of Dreaming, well with some differences.
1. Gacha
- Beginner gets a free 10 scout and you can reroll until you get the member you like (引き直す reroll)
- Free random SSR ticket
2. Produce includes lesson, live, and jobs.
- Lesson is the typical idol training (auto + 2x speed)
- Live is when you use a team to clear (like a battle)
- Jobs is to get extra materials
3. Cards
- Level up by using points
- Kirameki Step is a staircase where you use items to upgrade stats
I have only played the tutorial, but so far it is pretty simply and casual game to play. Recommend to anyone who likes produce games! [厲害]

Hero's Park


我本身对英雄题材不是很感兴趣不过这游戏的确很可爱。小小人物自动战斗感觉很萌。还有游乐园的设置也不错。这游戏跟平常玩的女性向游戏有点不一样,挺有想法的。主要有些问题就是加载时间很长,吃电很快,而且会卡。希望以后官方可以修改。新手完成教学可以获得一张自选SSR。官方也送了够10抽的石头量。其实游戏开服都会有些问题(请不要太介意),官方也在努力改善中。最后一句: 小花是甩鞭子的小小可爱魔法伪娘~

看到小雪的时候超级怀念以前恶魔制作者的卡牌游戏。现在这新游戏很不一样。主要是第一次玩棋盘式玩法。而且每位都是按顺序打。满了MP就可以用技能。目前还不确定哪些好用的角色们。但是卡片和3D角色设计还是一样的漂亮。很多功能还在研究当中。完成关卡1-3和1-10各一次10抽不过限量重刷。还有完成新人任务送ssr随机盒。不喜欢抽到的卡可以到设置里initialize the account(初期化帐号)。我的心得是放个肉盾在前面就可以保命。(ง๑ •̀_•́)ง

偶像大師 閃耀色彩




The only struggle that I have with this game is that the chances of getting 4 star memorias are very likely. It reminds me of Shoujo Kageki, but this playstyle has attacks by rows and columns. I am not a super fan of Madoka series but I think the game is quite interesting. So I would recommend this game for anyone who likes turn-based and gacha rpg games.

我觉得ES是名副其实的第一名女性向育成游戏。各种卡图与角色都设计的非常漂亮。故事也是很有趣。每团会有不同性格与特色的孩子们。有一点需要改进的是课程的玩法。每次玩课程会觉得一直重复刷素材和石头。可以加一些新玩法会更好~ ES排名是我玩过最难的,即使只要一张5星。需要很多花时间精力与吃吃石头。我还是超爱我的兔团Ra*bits!

千銃士 離線版


感谢官方给玩家们一个离线版本。不过还是会有些伤感与想念。我希望有一天看到枪男可以开新游戏。现在只是一时的分离,有缘再见面了。感谢有你们千铳士! (≧v≦)/♡


コウペンちゃん好可爱好疗愈~ 有点收集企鹅的感觉不过是不同玩具的。休闲游戏还不错哦。每日登入看看可爱的企鹅会感觉很开心。(≧∀≦)/

食之契約 | 英文版


I think the game and characters are very interesting but gameplay gets somewhat boring afterwards. It is hard to get enough soul embers to scout unless you have a good guild and play a lot. The rates to get an UR is quite low. Some of the stages are hard to pass with 3 stars. Overall it is a good game.


我是个刀剑萌新。很多人吹爆这游戏不过我觉得可以更好些。我觉得主要是玩法比较单一而且不能控制所以对我来说不够有趣。还有刀男们要是可以出新衣服或者角色卡的话会更棒。以上是我的想法 (希望不会被喷)。刀男们很帅也很可爱哦~



这是肝排名的游戏。活动可以7天或14天(没骗人)。抽到5星的几率很小所以用肝比较值。每日有一次免费午饭抽卡。有玩过Ayakashi的朋友们肯定知道这游戏很相似可是不同的。最近画风有点降低了)? 喜欢日本妖怪与一些传说人物的玩家可以试试。我想要響当我的搭档。( ・ิω・ิ)

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