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simracing and Online ARPG fans, casually playing mobile games. Don't expect decent review from me. I like to write stuffs, random gizmos etc.
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simracing and Online ARPG fans, casually playing mobile games. Don't expect decent review from me. I like to write stuffs, random gizmos etc.
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幻塔 | 國際版


is it terrible? absolutely, issues like lags to the critical one like cheaters hasn't been fixed, and then there's issues by game design like clunky combat, poor ledge detection, very bad locking mechanics, etc.
should you try it? nah, there are other games that is worth your time. this ain't it, chief

......yet I can't stop playing, this is like the kind of "so bad it's good" type of game, something you can call a guilty pleasure.



Okay, a very short review:
- It tried to be everything but it doesn't do a great job at executing it
- optimization? nonexistent. it's terrible that you may as well cook a burnt sunny side-up with your phone
- customization is by far the most disappointing one I've seen, you don't get to truly customize your avatar the way you want.
- core gameplay is a generic "press this to advance to a quest with autopath" with a sprinkle of minigames. Yes, there's combat, but it's so barebone you don't feel the fun out of it.

Despite the game still being in limited beta, I'll treat as a product that is mostly ready to go.

So, what's good about this game?
Unlike Master Duel, PTCGL gives you an almost ready-to-go deck that only requires you to alter some cards to make the engine rolling. Plus, the crafting system is great, giving you access to all the available card with one currency that also lets you craft whatever kind of rarity the card offers.
Also, unlike Master Duel, you can build and test decks vs. AI even if you don't own any of the cards. How cool is that? You can try whatever things that work for you before fully committing on crafting them.

and.... what's bad about the game? everything else
- the presentation is too boring that it felt lifeless
- it feels like a sterile card game, Master Duel made every single action impactful, but PTCGL made me feel like I'm playing actual card game with added boring effect
- swipe trainer card to the center to activate its effect instead of letting you press and confirm
- the player avatar is....... atrocious. Look at Pokemon Unite, it has the style reminiscent to mainline game. Heck, even Pokemon GO character looks way better than whatever mess this offers
- the BGM and SFX? absolutely boring and lifeless, heck, you can barely hear it as it's too muted even with the volume adjusted
- Interface is even worse on PC as there are many empty areas

Should you play now? No, just wait until it's globally released so you don't have to go through all the hassle of running VPN only to be disappointed by the product itself. Don't get me wrong, for a faithful Pokemon TCG, it plays great, but if you do care about overall presentation then you'll be disappointed like many did when transitioning from TCG Online.

遊戲王 Master Duel


I don't know what to say, I tried the PC version so I know what to expect, it's a great fun TCG, definitely not for the faint-hearted or people who are expecting age-old mechanics (cough Forbidden Memories). graphics? nothing to brag about, like hey, it's a card game, so don't expect so much especially on small screen that isn't a monitor.

the mobile version....... is terrible, mainly in term of optimization.

on top of the game heating quite a lot despite the fact game doesn't offer fancy graphics compared to say Genshin or Tower Fantasy, there's more apparent issue
checking on notification bar? 30% chances of the game crashing
rotating your phone by accident? 80% chances of your game crashing
trying to type to search for card? congratulations, you've just crashed not just the game but also your entire phone! your only savior is to force restart the system

soooo yeah, your mileage may vary (could be the game hates MIUI, or it's just badly optimized), I'll stick to the PC version until it's sorted out

overall score may change once I figured out what's wrong with it, for now it'll stay as is.

After talking to several people ranging from mid-range phone to modern gaming phone, we came to a conclusion that the client is heavily unoptimized. If you want a better gaming experience, please send a ticket to Konami regarding this matter.

狂飆賽車 NEXT


It's about time I give this game a review from simracing perspective as NEXT actually brings positive change to Real Racing 3's questionable handling. But to make it short, I'll put a bullet list instead

What's good?
- graphically a step up, and unlike what's been officially told it actually runs on a 2-year old midrange (Snapdragon 660)
- car no longer spins out if you force the car to turn more than the game allows you to. This is something that makes the realistic aspect of RR3 fades away very fast
- Since it's early access, the zero need of fuel or repair is a very good approach
- penalty system that actually penalize you pretty harsh for cutting the corner

what's bad
- heavy understeering on all cars, followed by the car "drifting" while still maintaining grip. You can't even force the car to lose grip even if you "throw" the wheel hard.
- brake seems to be almost non-existent
- both of the issue above combined into one makes cornering awfully slow than what you can do irl or at least in modern simracing title
- AI seems to be too easy even if you get penalized several times
- even with all assist off, game seems to be giving you some sort of forced assist like TC and SC, it needs a more in-depth option for experienced player

what can be improved
- controller support, it's early access I know but I do hope they keep the tradition alive
- bodykit / external customization
- more track options with different layouts
- manual transmission option
- multiplayer option with collision (ghosting is only enabled during accident and in a condition where a car is about to hit others in a high speed that essentially can end into a murder)

I know this is still early access, but I do hope RR Next can finally be the simcade that brings fun and challenges for both casual and on-the-go simracers as the market currrntly lacks one. Assoluto Racing while a great candidate for simcade, doesn't have consistent updates and goal to keep people going other than for a quick lobby fun.

Assoluto Racing


Being a huge simracing fan I tend to look for an escape whenever I'm not on my PC. I've tried several games that claimed to be realistic (I'm looking at you, Real Racing 3), but only Assoluto managed to fill the void. It's not as truly realistic as a simracing does, but the game plays close to what an ideal simcade would.

Some of the weakest point of this game is the fact that "exclusive" cars are locked with gacha mechanics. True, you can build any car up to spec, but there's that certain need of "I want this car" that you will never get through buying cars.

Other weak part is how cars don't seem to go as fast as it should. Acceleration seems to be veeeeeery slow even if you tuned your car with higher torque and all. Other than that, the general driving feel is quite realistic, you can expect the game to play like a simcade would.

Game does offer AI race, but it's best to forget it ever existed. The AI moves like a tank, they won't budge if you accidentally hit them, and they'll ram you real hard if you're in their way.

Online lobby has a small issues where the game will stutter slightly when someone joined. No, there's no collision with other players and when I asked about it they seem to not want to implement such feature due to many factors that doesn't work well within their engine.

If you're playing the game expecting high level of simulation, you'd probably be disappointed. But, if what you want is a simcade like Gran Turismo on your phone with online lobby and whatnot, Assoluto is the best thus far.

蒼藍誓約 | 日版


By far the closest thing you can get to Kantai Collection Arcade, a faithful clone as it tries to replicate almost every aspects of the gameplay that you want to see. And of course, executed way better than a pile of mess called Abyss Horizon.

Other than that this is your typical ship-waifu collecting game where SSR will always be proven to be superior in every aspects (and yes, this has been a thing when I talked to peeps playing in CN as I also used to play CN version) so bear that in mind.

Equipment system is similar to Azur Lane so you know what to expect tbh, equipments are based on rarity and they're all upgradeable. Missions to get exp and all the good stuff opens everyday, which makes it better because you don't have to wait for day x to get the thing you're looking for.

Unlike CN version, the main mission has more missions you need to clear before you can do X-1 ~ X-4. To make it more "fun", these missions have auto disabled and certain missions will force you to go on a specific route so you need to minmax your fleet composition very early in game.

And then, we have to come to the biggest issue and its generosity; gacha. Every other games hace their own gacha rate but for Blue Oath..... I can say it's pretty bad, but there's something interesting about it. For every new banner you can roll for X times (20 or 30, kinda forgot) and you'll get one guaranteed SSR without having to pay extra cost, there's a box on the right side of the banner for you to press.

What else? I have nothing to say other than "if you're an Azur Lane players looking for Kancolle Arcade clone with mechanics that you'll feel you're at home then this is the best one you can get"

Edit #1: editing my review after a more thorough gameplay, some aspects of the game were changed in JP version, eg. expeditions which is missing from the game.

Edit #2: another edit as I see people are complaining over rarity gap and the abysmal rate of gacha (while obviously only playing for several days)



First of all..... much like previous SBR, it takes its inspiration in term of design from another game, but this time it's Bandori. While it's not really a bad thing to me, others will feel like it's straight up lazy design. I don't really care much, but you should take that into consideration.

And because it was designed as such, comparing this to bandori can't be avoided.

Difficulty doesn't scale that much, if you play Bandori, Deresute and all other rhythm games in maxed difficulty you'll find SBR:FaL a bit too easy. It's fun for casual players but not so much for veterans.

Despite these flaws presented in the game, my real honest take is that is has a lot of great songs to pick (not in term of quantity but it's more to quality), one reason I like this more than Bandori. Sure, Bandori has several good originals and huge amount of cool covers but it doesn't stand much chance to SBR's songs, it's just my opinion so please take it with a grain of salt.

Is this game worth your time? Maybe, if you like cute kemonomimis and great songs then this is the one for you. But if you're a rhythm veteran looking for challenge, you can skip this title until there's a real challenge coming to the game.

NFS Heat Studio


I'm taking this review in regards of how the customization works. Basically, it's nothing different from 2015 or Payback's level of customization. App simply exists to build the hype for the upcoming NFS Heat.

Nothing remotely special to the app other than "you can put the final result later to the game when it's released".

As far as the customization goes.... it relies on the same platform as 2015, to the point that some cars also lack parts, as expected from Ghost Games.

As a guy who has been following Custom Maid series starting from the very first CM3D (started actively following the game as they released CM3D2), I'd say that it's a nifty little app that does it own thing. Graphics are pretty much similar to CM3D2 and COM3D2 thanks to their capability of utilising unity engine.

The saddest part of this little app is that it does less than the main game itself (it's understandable as v-tuber is their main focus), lack of content and nothing can be modded as far as I know. KISS and Dwango could've made this much better but it's only as good as it is. They could've made it to play a little bit of LOVE PLUS to engage players with something extra, but I guess that's too much for a mobile v-tuber app (to make it even worse, Reality Avatar did v-tuber app better than Dwango and KISS combined).

Still wished this app is moddable as mods from CM3D2 era is already huge in numbers.

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Real Racing Next Impression being a racing game fanboy, you know I won't miss this chance to try the pre-alpha build that has scattered around. Next is essentially FireMonkeys' take on bringing Real Racing franchise to the next level, bringing new graphical fidelity and gameplay improvement over the last game which has been around for years.